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Business ethics Essay

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In the culture of TAP and its ethical procedures the company was misalign. Durand was used to a different way of cultural ethical procedures involving a sense of working in a healthy environment where accountability of actions were being uphold by everyone at his workplace. In occasions companies offer great incentives but not reporting what exactly is required of an employee. In this matter TAP was involving employees, professionals and the Government in an established fraud hiding the reality of what the companies culture was really about.

The money laundry, drug sales and not to mention the customers and their health. The misalignment of the company was not being ethically with the federal laws and regulations since the health and drug administration have guidelines that must be followed to ensure that customers are getting the right medications. Durand tried his best to change that culture of abuse and criminal acts by adding some of his ideas to continue with his ethical perspective of how a company should be ruined without lies and following a moral statue for the good of everyone.

In cases of this nature employees are tested to their limits with monetary or higher incentives easy to accept but do not understand the importance of being ethical. An individual should always be align with what is right at all time Durand did what he could he knew all alone that TAP was not a company he could work for regardless of any amount offered to him since others will be paying the price. A company as this one, once it becomes under fire does not care about their elite employees all they care for is their own well-being.

Douglas Durand left a company had been with for 20 years for a company that was in need of resurgence in order to become a major player in the prostate and ulcer pharmaceutical medicines. TAP pharmaceutical was a company formed by Takeda Chemical Industries and Abbot Laboratories 25 years previous to offering Douglas the job. Douglas had an ethical dilemma starting out. He had to make the decision to risk leaving a company he was well established with and going to a fairly new company. Mr. Durand had quite a difficult unethical culture to repair at TAP Pharmaceuticals.

TAP culture was to make money at all costs without any responsibility socially and legally. TAP culture was to take short cuts and profit without care. The company did not have a legal counsel, they used their money to influence physicians to purchase their medicine, they did not report free samples they were giving out, etc. Douglas initially dealt with the culture, but eventually his ethics and morals came back to him. Douglas did the right thing by being concerned with what the company was doing. He did make several attempts to change the cultural of the company but was rejected.

He should have been aggressive about how he wanted the culture to be from the start. He was submerged in the culture for a long time before he decided to take action. Offering the bonuses to employees for reporting and correctly doing their accounting was a great move by Mr. Durand. He was facing an informal culture system that was not aligned. There was not anything ethical or right about this company except for the fact that they sold legal drugs and not illegal. The Company was missing a formal side to the company.

They did not follow correct policies or anything. The company was driven by profit only and did not care about actually running the company the way it should be run. Douglas attempted to bring formality and more structure to the company. Douglas Durand tried to influence change in his culture but yet failed, because he did not have the authority, or the support from those who did all the company cared about was to make profit and did not care of the ethical profession in the workplace. Douglas Durand aimed for the change in cultural efforts and did not succeed.

As he tried influence change the result, was able to target change in isolated cultural systems, but not throughout the culture as a whole. Feeling guilty he decided to change the culture of the organization by providing incentives to employees who documented accurate records (Trevino & Nelson, 2011). Though employees adopted this new senior management stopped the incentive program creating employees to return to unethical behavior (Trevino & Nelson, 2011) An important message from this case is that culture change is very difficult.

Even someone at a relatively high VP level, will not be able to change culture without substantial support from senior management for a company-wide change effort. Once a company sees that there making profit even though its in an illegal way they will continue and not care about the morals of the company as a whole. Many times employees will not say anything in regards of things happening in the company because they are afraid of being fired. In this case Douglas tried his best without fear but unfortunately things didn’t go well.

Very few people now a days take risk especially when entering a new workplace at a high level. Many people adapt to the ways the company works. Trying to change people in a workplace to become ethical is hard especially when they don’t see it from people above them. Ethics in a workplace is very important but in order for it to function everybody in the workplace needs to have some ethical behavior. References:Trevino, L. K. , & Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (5th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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