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Business ethics Essay

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This semester we have studied several of the most important ethical theories. We have also looked at some specific issues that arise in business. For this last assignment, you will write an essay on one of the topics in Chapter 8, Chapter 10, or Chapter 14. In writing the essay you must demonstrate an understanding of the ethical theories we have studied. This means recognizing an ethical issue, and being able to apply the relevant ethical theories to the issue. Choose only ONE of the following topics for your essay: Chapter 8 Employment Rights 1.

Explain the advantages the employment-at-will system for both the employee and the employer.

Explain the disadvantages for both the employee and the employer. Does the employer or employee have the upper hand in this system? What are the relevant ethical theories for employment at will? 2. Explain what rights both employees and employers have. Discuss how these rights might conflict. Do employees or employers have more or stronger rights? Demonstrate how the theories concerning rights apply to both employees and employers.

Chapter 10 Marketing, Advertising and Product Safety 1. Describe the ethical constraints that salespeople must abide by. Use the ethical theories we have studied. 2.

Describe the ethical constraints that must be placed on advertising. Use the ethical theories we have studied. 3. Describe the extent of manufacturers’ responsibility to create safe products. Use the ethical theories we have studied Chapter 14 International Business Ethics 1. What special ethical issues arise in international business. Use the ethical theories we have studied 2. Describe the codes of ethics that are understood to apply to all forms of international business. Instructions: The essays are designed so that you only have to read the textbook in order to write an excellent paper.

You may use outside sources, but you need to make sure your sources are both reliable and relevant. Make sure the title of your essay indicates what topic you are addressing. The essay will again be a minimum of 725 words and a maximum of 1,000 words. Your name, the date, title, and citations do not count. If you fail to write the minimum amount you will receive at least one full grade lower. Most essays that don’t meet the minimum are not very good anyway, so not writing the minimum only makes things worse. Write an essay showing that you understand the business issue and/or the relevant ethical theories.

To show that you understand the material, you need to explain, in your own words, what the material is about; merely saying what the book says or repeating something from an internet article doesn’t really show your understanding. Relate the ethical theory to actual business situations or practices If there is any special vocabulary, show that you know what the words meant It is helpful to use original examples in explaining the concept or theory; using an example that you made up yourself shows that you really know what you are talking about.

Relate the topic to your personal business experience; this shows that you are able to apply the material. This really helps me to see that you understand also Make sure you cover all the important aspects of the theory. Cite your sources! Any where that you are using material that is not your own be sure to cite the book or article, even if it’s just one sentence. I’m not going to insist that you use a particular citation style, but make sure that it is clear that you are using someone else’s words.

You don’t want even the appearance of plagiarism. Remember that plagiarism will earn you minus 20 points. Email your essay to me by midnight on May 10th. You are responsible to make sure that I have received your email. I always respond when I receive an emailed paper, so if you do not receive a response, you will know that I did not receive it. I will not accept your essay later than midnight on May 11th. Late essays will receive one full grade lower; after one class you will receive no credit.

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