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Business Environment: Knowledge and Experience

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (693 words)
Categories: Bus, Business, Environment, Experience
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Through the reading, there some specific areas where I have gained more knowledge which is needed in different organizations for the purpose of making sure that there is smooth cohesion and facilitation of various stipulated expectations. The knowledge is essential in that it will foster experience on how to handle various issues and also facilitate on how to facilitate a culture of discipline in the businesses. Organizations are governed by specific policies and there must be an enhanced culture of compliance which will directly have a success in the implementation process.

Decision and judgement connected to a value provide the bases for ethical standards and this is realized through acting on what is right. The learning has also facilitated the grasping of the need for a mission statement which is coined from what the organization would like to be related with or what the customers provide as the feedback. Businesses are there to provide a good or a service but this may be achieved by either respecting to have a compliance-based program or ethics-based program.

Better Business Environment

Businesses operate because of two reasons where the first reason is fulfilling what they are obliged to do or perform through motivation from what they value. Ethical management is beneficial in an organization in that it is considerate of all the partners who are linked to the organization. In businesses, there are three key partners (employers, employees and the customers) who are involved in various processes where an enhanced cohesion is needed. To attain this, ethical management is needed to provide a framework that stipulates how they are supposed to interact in better business environment. According to (What Is Business Ethics? 2012) some of the considerations that should be enhanced during policy making is the ability to stipulate facts, acknowledge value arrangement, and constructing arguments.

Facts is needed while creating a better business environment that different businesses have variance in their aims and also, they have the ability to make decisions on what is important. The employers should be in a position to respect what is needed by the employees and the value expectations of the customers. Respecting the importance of facts is critical in that it provides a chance for honesty. An employee may decide to exploit the customer through deceiving but when the employee decides to tell the truth about the products on factual bases, there is integrity and thus having a platform where the business environment is enhanced and productive. Through facts, the employee is in a position to relate mutually with the employees where they are elevated to more superior positions.

Value arrangement is making sure that there is a decision on what is important for all the partners. The employer should respect the employees who are involved in various activities in the business. The employees have the ability to grow or collapse the business through the relationship with the customers. Having a positive consideration on the customers by the employees is a positive way to improve the business. Priority on the arrangements should be enhanced by all the partners as a unique of creating a productive environment. Reasoning is needed when making constructive arguments in the business, the employees should be given a platform where they are in a position to share what they think is right through facts. The constructive arguments from the customers are used as feedback to help in improving the services. From the analysis it is clear that a positive business environment is enhanced through values, facts, and arguments.

Conduct of self-employed Individuals

In a self-employed business, the owner has the ability to maintain a positive business environment which is anchored on ethical consideration. The owner can achieve this by upholding value-based system which is primarily anchored on self-policing and having intrinsic motivation (AML White Paper Ethics and Culture of Compliance | ACAMS, 2020). In a self-employment there are no policies set and thus there is a need for personal consideration of the ethical values rather than waiting for consequences which are a product of trial and errors. The interests of the customers should be respected by maintaining the desirable standards when providing goods and services.

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