Business Decision Making Project Essay

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Business Decision Making Project

Based on the discussion with my learning team of the milk plant business problem, there is a variety of different products that are output from the plant. The amount of product that is produced everyday varies on what they are processing on that given day. The products that are produced are varieties of different milk, half and half, and manufacturing cream. In order to determine how to solve this business problem, I will need to create some random numbers with how many gallons of milk the silos hold on site, how many gallons of the varieties of milk that are processed and produced, how many pints of half and half, and also how many containers of manufacturing cream and how much the containers hold. There are some probability factors to determine as well, such as, how many employees there are and what if some don’t show up for work that day. There is also to consider that the silos are cleaned every 48 hours and what would need to happen to get the silos empty in that 48 hour period so that no milk is wasted, which is costing the company money.

Milk Production Plant Data

The random numbers I am going to choose is as follows:

The silos hold 1,000 gallons of milk each and there are two silos on site There are 5 different types of milk produced and are processed in 1 gallon containers The half and half is produced in pint size containers

The manufacturing cream is produced in 8 ounce containers
There are 50 employees

There are 10 different companies where the products are distributed all with different amounts purchased/products If nothing goes wrong, 1,500 gallons of milk are processed in a 48 hour period, 300 of each kind. 2,000 pints of half and half are processed and 32,000 8 ounce containers of manufacturing cream are processed all equaling to the 2,000 gallons that need to be output Conclusion

With this amount of information, I will be able to determine where the faults are in the business. The production plant may need to hire more employees, distribute the product to more companies, or even need to just have a better process with processing the product. From the discussion, it was determined that the amount of product that is output from the plant differs everyday depending on what product is being produced that day. This may be the only fault the company has, but in order to get a clearer picture of where the problem lies, I will need to run the numbers and figure out what the next steps for the company will be. Factoring in the probabilities is going to change the data, so I will need to make sure that the company has a solution for if certain things happen that will affect the processes in place.

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