business culture and strategy outcome 2 answer points Essay

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business culture and strategy outcome 2 answer points

BCS outcome 2 points
Indicate that candidates know what organizational culture is (although an explicit definition such as “the way we do things around here “is not required)

Make it clear that candidates know what shared values and taken for granted assumptions 默认的 are (shared values are the norms of behavior which run throughout the company – they can been seen as high profile symbols and may be deliberately fostered by senior management; taken-for-granted assumptions are more informal and develop over time often in the form of low profile symbols such as rites, rituals, stories, physical symbols, common language, etc). Definitions are not required as long as answers, through examples and their justification, make it clear that candidates are aware of the difference.

Give an example from AG of shared values 一个例子 (such as quality, excellence and innovation) and taken-for-granted assumptions 另一个例子(passion for games and software development) and link to business development, expansion and quality. 针对两点各举一个例子, 例子要与公司的发展 扩张 和产品质量结合

识别解释公司的企业文化 此文化如何影响公司管理层看问题的态度 Answers should use a specific model of culture such as Deal and Kenedy, Handy, Trompenaars. It should be clear from the answer that the candidate can explain why she has chosen the type of culture they have.

识别一种不同于Q2的文化, 不用解释文化的正确与否, 把建议的文化与本公司现有的文化进行对比,至少一个点. 举出新文化对公司有哪些具体影响, 并且在公司角度是可信的 Candidate should identify another type of culture from the model they have already used. There is no need to justify the choice. To be acceptable, answers should draw at least one point of contrast between the two typeset of culture and show explicitly how it could affect AG. The impact must be specific and credible as far as the company is concerned. A general point of contrast between the two typeset is not acceptable.

用一个公认的理论模式, 测算讨论企业文化与企业行为之间关系的重要性 文化如何指导行为 有何欠缺 Answers should comment on the relationship. One substantive point with justification would be sufficient. For example, culture and behavior seem consistent, shared values permeated充满 through the company through, for example accessible senior managers. Meanwhile, management pursued as strong and successful growth policy which confirmed the low risk nature of the business. 要写到要达到 先下定义 什么是企业文化, 什么是企业行为

答案要看两个间的关系 指导与被指导 一点足矣 要具体, 能说服人的一点

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