Business Communication Process

The website I chose to explore the business communication process is AT&T Viewing the “About Us” section on AT&T website labeled company profile, I notice that the company quickly sends the message to their audience of how big this company is, how big of a network they have with broadband and wireless. And how they are a globalize company and how valuable their products are. The receiver of the reader would immediately feel the need to read further of the website knowing they are not dealing with a company who sells not only within the United States or within a general area but are established internationally as well.

This is a smart communication process on both ends from the sender to make it known in the initial reading of the website to let their readers know they are not just a localized company. AT&T has for 34 continuous years of quarterly dividend growth and is a Fortune 10 company.

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AT&T brings together premium content, direct to consumer relationships, advertising technology and high-speed networks to deliver a unique customer experience internationally. Anybody who is interested in getting any AT&T services should be able to feel that the network that AT&T is on would be the best network out there.

Integrated Business Communication

AT&T “About Us” section communicates enough information any prospective customer would be enticed to purchase their product or at least list put them at the top of their choice of decision making.

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It will also keep the received enticed to want to read more the moment they start reading the website. Per (Sarow, M.S., Stuart, B., & Stuart, L. 2007) to be audience-centered, AT&T would have to be able to look beyond its own bias and see the world from a different perspective. That is why AT&T focused on communicating more effectively, reduce costs, and improve productivity by combining voice, video, chat, and presence with shared workspaces, conferencing, and contact centers through easy-to-use collaboration tools with any time, and virtually anywhere access. This is a significant way of communication for any business or personal use.

AT&T’s company web page has many links to click on that are convenient to the prospective receiver that will not only be of interest in many services but to potential employers. AT&T emphasizes profoundly to the public or anyone reading their website on the diversity of their company not just in culture, but the diverse career areas also; the company provides the receiver with links to various job openings and the descriptions of the jobs, locations in the US and International locations as well. AT&T is a company that expresses to the receiver that their values are to Live true. Do the right thing, no compromise. Think Big. Innovate and get there first. Moreover, Make a difference. The different links on their ‘About Us’ section of their website show the financial reports, commodity reports. This will show the receiver that they would also have the opportunity to purchase stocks, see refreshed reports from investors, all of the community service that the company provides to charitable organizations, and how AT&T employees get out and socialize with community service.

Media Richness of the Section

After reading AT&T’s “About Us” section, I would say the company displays a mixture of both rich and lean, media richness as communication and network technologies proceed to engage in an increasingly important role in modern organizations. AT&T will have attempted to demonstrate how the receiver perceptions of different communication media are formed and how different communication media influence task outcomes (Alavi, M., & Yoo, Y., 2001). Even though the sender and the receiver can’t have a face-to-face conversation, they both can share feedback through all social media sites.

AT&T “Contact Us” section provides all means of communication information for the receiver to reach them on their website for any information on all the products that they offer. Another form of rich media that is displayed here between the AT&T and the receiver is that the receiver could easily think negatively from the response to the sender upon their readings any of their subheadings. Also, the receiver could misunderstand something that was read by over-analyzing what they are reading if the receiver responds negatively in a remark form to AT&T before re-reading the heading. Rich media is also displayed in this section where the AT&T has exhibited their ability to mold to the needs of the receiver.

How the Message is Framed

The framing of the message is delivered in every particular section under all sub-headings, not just in the “About Us” section. AT&T made sure that the receiver has clarity on what they are reading throughout the links. The most useful aspect of framing is to influence the emotional response of listeners (Ryder, 2017). AT&T has captured the receiver in many forms throughout the entire web site by displaying value-based information’s, financial benefits, and also their losses and gains. Even AT&T’s web page is full of visuals which plays a crucial role in framing messages.

Opinion Leaders

When it comes to opinion leaders, AT&T is number one at taking risk both with its leaders and its products, in 2008 AT&T took a chance by hiring John Donovan as CEO, who previously, served as Chief Strategy Officer and Group President for AT&T Technology and Operations. Donovan is sufficient for the bulk of AT&T global telecommunications and video services businesses, including AT&T Business, Mobility & Entertainment, and Technology & Operations groups. AT&T Communications is a completely-owned subsidiary of AT&T Inc.

AT&T believed that Donovan could bring the company to a vast turnaround within the networking world. AT&T’s overall broadband revenues were down slightly. The company stated that they have a net loss of 89,000 postpaid phone subscribers. That is why they merge with Direct TV. Donovan said, “We look forward to completing the deal and delivering for customers the many benefits of this merger.” AT&T’s Communication Leadership team is made up of a group of diverse and experienced individuals


I would recommend that AT&T have their “About Us” section at the top of the site instead of at the bottom of the page. When you click on the about the “About Us” section, the first thing you see is advertisements. The company profile should be the first thing the receiver should see. Information about AT&T and what they are all about. It would be pleasant if AT&T had someone to chat to if they (receiver) has any questions, comments or concerns regarding their website, company, or products. When the receiver views the “Contact Us” link they will see that its says for technical support or help with your service. If they don’t have the service then the receiver, who may have a general question would close out the site not knowing that if the click on whatever service they are looking for or just general question they have would be answered. That “Contact Us” link should state contact us for any question or concerns not just for technical support.

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