Business communication Essay

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Business communication

Student Name: ID: 1-:learning Outcome being assessed:
1. Choose the appropriate communication channel for a business communication event.

2. Present material in context and support claims with evidence, reasoning and professional quality.
3. Design and produce a message that is responsive and appropriate within a business context.

4. Produce clear and concise memos, letters, faxes and emails.

2-Handing in format instructions
Sign this page and put it as a cover for your assignment
Submit a copy of your work
Work must be neat and readable.
Use blue ink only (or pencil when permitted).
Number all pages etc…
3- Marks
Marks allotted
Marks obtained
Feedback to students

Formulation (ideas/ Content)






[Lecturer should give feedback to the student for all questions with awarded marks around 60%] Program Manager Approval: ——————

Business Communication
Fall 13/14

Handout date:
Due date:

Assignment # :1
Home Assignment
Maximum Mark:

Choose one of the following Tasks
TASK1: You work for X company (you decide what kind) as a (you decide what position). You want to take a course on (you decide what topic) and have the company cover the cost. Your supervisor is basically supportive but will need to get the OK from his boss. For this you will need to make the case persuasively and in writing. Write an email proposal to your supervisor requesting the company cover the cost of the course. Convince the decision maker that the course is worth the money. Try to tie to your current and future responsibilities and explain how the company will benefit. To ensure that your proposal has sufficient level of detail, you may want to do some research on the internet on courses and choose one that might be useful to your current job. TASK2:

You have been using the e-Text book for certain courses offered by McGraw Hill/KUC over the last semester. Draft a letter to the KUC management expressing your opinion on introducing the new digital books as study materials for the students. Explain for which courses you have used the e-book. How beneficial was it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the e-book and what are your recommendations for the future. Would you like to pursue its usages, would you prefer using a print copy rather than the digital copy, or do you have any other suggestion? Use persuasive suggestion? Use persuasive arguments to support your opinion.

can you please help me doing any of these tasks?

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