Business And Management Personal Statement Essay

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Business And Management Personal Statement

Creativity is what drove me to pursue in Business and Management at University of Westminster. Business has always fascinated me. During my time growing up, I have seen the global economy change rapidly. The European Union has faced many atrocious crisis, making Europe unstable. As a result to prevent the instability, small businesses created jobs to improve the European Union’s economy, and one day I want my business to be a part of that improvement. I came across a quote from Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company which stated “A business that makes nothing but money is poor business” Ford Motor Company is a hugely successful company which all probably started with creativity and ambition to actually create something that fulfils peoples need. This further encouraged me to produce a few ideas of my own. Two ideas in particular have stood out to me; firstly: Expand my current company.

When I was in my last year in High school, I started my first youth enterprise with my classmate. We noticed that there was a huge request for thin jewelleries among young women. So we created a business plan and named our business Tropical Jewellery UF. Our company took great success and received a lot of positive response. My next idea for this company is to expand it internationally. I still want to develop the business and be as creative as I can, since I have put my whole in this idea. Secondly I have studied a lot about the global poverty. My main idea is to increase the education equivalent in countries who suffers from poverty by creating schools in these affecting areas. I know in particular that I will be facing difficulty whilst establishing the idea, however I will be fighting this struggle in order to create education.

Through studying three different math courses, I have gained the ability to interpret data and successfully solve the task and draw conclusion from it. Beside studying math, I have also studied three business courses, marketing and a lot of other courses. I am a very well rounded person with skills and knowledge in many fields. I believe this is an important feature of a business person as they need to be able to deal with many different varieties of challenges. In and out of school I have a big interest in languages. I speak fluent Arabic and of course Swedish. I have studied Spanish for seven years, and I can almost speak it fluently. During my last year in school I studied a French course. I spent two weeks of my summer in France. I continued to develop my French skills in Paris. During my third year, I studied Cambridge Advanced English and did the exam and got a certificate at the beginning of the summer. A business degree is exceptionally various and can lead to many opportunities. At present I have recently entered the business world and I am already eager to learn more.

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