Business and Administration Hint and Tips Essay

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Business and Administration Hint and Tips

Plagiarism – learners are reminded that plagiarism is not acceptable under any circumstances and that learners who persist on plagiarising work could be removed from the course.

If you wish to use other information you have researched beyond the course materials:

1. Make sure it is additional to the Business Administration course material. 2. Make sure it supports/is relevant to your answer. 3. Quote the source.

The main thing to remember when constructing each answer is to be as robust as you can. Try to include as much relevant detail from the learning materials as you can. It is very important to use your own words. The following information should be helpful to you. If you have any queries get in touch with your tutor using v-mail.

Section 1

Q2. As well as the learning materials the website gives some good information regarding the benefits IT can bring to a business.

Section 2

Q1. Why is it important that you know what you are required to research and having a date to have the research completed by? If you didn’t have either of the above what could be the possible outcome?

Q2. This question is in three parts which all need to be answered fully. Break your answer down into the areas of research, organising & reporting information. How would you conduct your research? The information you collected how would you organise it? How would you present your findings?

Q3a. This question also needs to be answered in three parts. How is information archived? How would you retrieve the information you have archived? If the information is no longer required how is it disposed of?

Q3b. Are there any legal requirements that relate to the storing of information? Is there any specific legislation relating to the industry you currently/have worked in?

Section 3

Q1. Why is it important that documents are fit for purpose? Think about the structure, the content of the document & what impression will it have or the person reading the document.

Q2. Complete all sections of the table. Consider would a business letter be used? When are formal reports used? When would sending an email be appropriate?

Section 4

Q1. It is worth considering the 5 P’s for this question proper planning prevents poor performance. Without proper planning how would the document appear?

Q2a. Would you be the only person to check a document is correct? Are there tools you can use on a computer to check the spelling & grammar of documents?

Q3. Why is it important that personal information does not fall into the wrong people? What could happen to the company if this happens?

Q4a: You need to give the different types of documents that can be produced from notes and describe how these documents would look. What information would you expect to find on a letter for example?

Q4b: When taking notes to produce a document what things need to be considered? Why are you taking notes? What type of document is to be produced from the notes e.g. business letter, formal report. Is it important that the notes are clear & there is sufficient detail in the notes?

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