Business and administration Essay

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Business and administration

Some sources of information may be found within an organisation (known as internal sources) while other sources are found outside the organisation (known as external sources).

You can click on the icons below to see some examples.

Internal External
As you can see, there are many sources of high quality information out there. By taking time to explore this information, most people should be able to find out what they need to know.

What a written statement must include
A written statement can be made up of more than one document (if the employer gives employees different sections of their statement at different times). If this does happen, one of the documents (called the ‘principal statement’) must include at least:

the business’s name
the employee’s name, job title or a description of work and start date if a previous job counts towards a period of continuous employment, the date the period started how much and how often an employee will get paid

hours of work (and if employees will have to work Sundays, nights or overtime holiday entitlement (and if that includes public holidays) where an employee will be working and whether they might have to relocate if an employee works in different places, where these will be and what the employer’s address is As well as the principal statement, a written statement must also contain information about:

how long a temporary job is expected to last
the end date of a fixed-term contract
notice periods
collective agreements
who to go to with a grievance
how to complain about how a grievance is handled
how to complain about a disciplinary or dismissal decision
What a written statement doesn’t need to include
The written statement doesn’t need to cover the following (but it must say where the information can be found):

sick pay and procedures
disciplinary and dismissal procedures
grievance procedures
In Northern Ireland, a written statement must explain what the disciplinary rules and procedures are.

Employers can download a template of a written statement of particulars to fill out.

Working abroad
If an employee has to work abroad for more than a month, their employer must state:

how long they’ll be abroad
what currency they’ll be paid in
what additional pay or benefits they’ll get
terms relating to their return to the UK
This information can be given to the employee in a separate document.

An employer may send an employee to another country in the European Economic Area (EEA). In this situation employees must get the terms and conditions that are the legal minimum in that country for:

working hours and rest breaks
holiday entitlement
minimum pay (including overtime)

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