Business Administration Level 2 NVQ Unit 1 Questions & Answers

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1.1 One of the key codes of practice, guidelines and procedures that are relevant to ones work is proper communication. Others are accepting responsibility for one’s own work and its delivery. Basically one should develop his/her own performance and act in a way that encourages effective working.

1.2 If you are an employee you are accountable to your employer. They have a right to see that your work is up to standard. You may also have a plan to fill in your working day.

Companies have to work out costs, and one way to do this is too plan what work the employees will do. There is nothing wrong with this. Companies will charge out your time for each job. This is the norm for garages, engineers or any firm that has a contract rate for work.

1.3 If both sides agree then both sides are happy to fulfil their commitments. It also ensures that both sides understand the situation and what their targets are.

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1.4 The targets must be realistic, so that the employee has a good chance of attaining them. This lets him feel good about himself and allows him to work without stress. If the targets are set too high, the employee will always be under pressure to do the impossible, will feel a failure and have a dissatisfied boss.

1.5 The first thing to do is to prioritize your work. That is, place the most important job at the top; the least, at the bottom. When judging priorities, you need to do several things: (1) you need to determine what is required.

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This is the number of jobs that need to be done. (2) You need to figure out what is required

1.6 It is important to keep other people informed about progress because it will helps them know the targets already achieved and what they are to achieve. This will helps them set up their objectives in order to meet their targets. Furthermore, it avoids duplication of tasks and also promotes motivation among the team players. 1.7 Allows people to be better prepared for work, mentally, physically and tools-wise. It is respectful of the other person’s time to give him or her a good idea of what and how you want them to do something and when they need to start. If these plans change, respect demands that you inform others involved of the changes to these plans. 1.8 The types of problems that may occur during your work are: – computer crashing

– work not getting saved
– power cuts
– photocopier runs out of toner
– photocopier runs out paper.
1.9 The ways of seeking assistance with getting help to resolve problems is speaking to someone understanding e.g. Supervisor/Manager and explaining the situation to them in a polite and calm manor and finding a solution to the problem. 1.10 The purpose and benefits of recognising and learning from mistakes is realising in order not to make the same mistake again, taking the advice given as a learning curve and developing knowledge about something new and different.

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Business Administration Level 2 NVQ Unit 1 Questions & Answers
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