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Business & Administration

1.1 Describe the main types of electronic message systems

An electronic messaging system (EMS) allows users to send and receive messages electronically. Two of the main types of electronic message systems are as follows: E-mails, these work by the message leaving your inbox, it is then transferred to a number of servers before it reaches the other persons inbox. During this time it passes through a few servers, some of which save the email for future reference, faxes are another type of electrical message system, this works by drawing the documents through it, scanning them and saving digital images into memory. The machine dials the number, waits for acknowledgment from the fax machine on the other end then transfers the images using different frequency tones to translate varying shades of dark and light.

1.2 Describe the different features of electronic message systems

There are different types of electronic message systems and therefore they have different features for example, a telephone allows for instant voice communication and has a feature known as ‘call forwarding’ this allows you to transfer any incoming or current calls to a different telephone. They also have a feature known as ‘voicemail’ this is a feature which allows you to receive messages even when you are away from the telephone, the machine records the voice message and enables you to play it back with the option to save the message, pass it to another user or to discard of it. Portable telephones also have extensive features e.g. Internet access.

Email is another electronic message system which has various different features such as the ‘address book’ this feature allows users to add contacts email addresses etc. Recipients can then be attached to an email quickly through typing their name into the address book. The internet is yet another form of electronic messaging system it has become a replacement for notice boards with features such as forums, bulletins and news feeds it can be used as a quicker method of updating and viewing information e.g. newsletters and events.

1.3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date The purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date is that we know which messages we dealt with also to avoid miscommunication. It also allows you to have a clearer overlook as to what messages you still need to preview. For example I check my emails every day when I come into work and as soon as I reply or finish reading an email I decide whether it is important or not, if it is not important l remove it from my inbox so that it is free from any unwanted messages. This will then be filed away into the appropriate subfolder (the deleted folder). This is then held on file just in case it needs to be looked at in the future for some reason.

Another reason for keeping electronic message systems up to date is to ensure that no important messages are missed, if a message system is kept up to date and an important message is received it can then be dealt with quickly and efficiently as possible which will have a positive impact on your reputation as an employee as well as the company’s. 1.4 Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages This is how to check, delete or discard of messages using email as a form of electronic communication. To check your email first you will be required to log in to your account. After you sign in (put your username or email address and password) you will be able to view your inbox.

All new messages are shown in bold font, so it is easy to notice them. To delete or discard messages in most cases you can left click the square box next to the message(s) you want to discard of, then you will need to left click the icon with a picture of bin once you have done this the selected message(s) will be put in the “bin” folder. To remove message from bin you can either chose one message or multiple messages which you want to permanently discard of you will then need to left click on the square box and click icon “Delete forever”. If you want to remove all messages from the bin folder you will need to left click the square box on top of the screen, which will then tick all messages. After that you need to click “Delete forever” icon and that will remove all messages from the bin folder. 1.5 Explain the purpose of leaving clear messages for others

The purpose of leaving clear messages for others is to ensure that the point we want to get across is received and understood thoroughly, leaving a clear message can save you valuable time in the work space as it helps get the information across quicker if the person on the other line does not need to translate and interpret what you are saying. This can also minimize potential conflict that could come from any misunderstanding.

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