Bush’s Accomplishment and Failure Essay

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Bush’s Accomplishment and Failure

George W. Bush was elected 5 years ago in one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. He was not a popular president at that time and allegations of massive cheating followed his ascension to the White House. Due to his various fiascos while seated in the most powerful office on the planet, one may say that his biggest accomplishment as the most powerful leader of the free world is being the biggest failure as a president in the history of this country.

His administration became highly unpopular due to the fact that they were cutting and reducing more benefits meant for the people rather than developing new or increasing the existing benefits. He could not accomplish anything beneficial to the citizens even though he controlled both houses of congress because, as recent documented reports show, his administration was, at the time, too busy paying off political influence debts the Republican Party incurred during the fund raising and campaign season. Then out of the blue, the horrific events of September 11, 2001 happened and signaled the change of direction for his presidency.

While the world stood still in shock and wonder as to how such a horrific terrorist attack, possibly worse than the attack of the Japanese on Pearl harbor could have taken place in the land of democracy, everyone wondered where the president had gone. George W. Bush was nowhere to be found. When he finally emerged, he had the names of the perpetrators and a plan of action on hand. The whole world cheered him on and supported the US stand of invading Afghanistan. This was George W. Bush’s moment of glory. Finally his presidency had a direction and a platform. He promised to get Osama Bin Laden dead or alive.

The world rejoiced for the United States was now going to openly fight terrorism and protect the free world. But somewhere along the way, perhaps it was when the Allied Forces in Afghanistan failed to capture Bin Laden and could not explain how it could have happened, Bush once again lost sight of his real direction. The biggest accomplishment was set aside in favor of saving face. Afghanistan was a revenge attack. They cuddled the perpetrator of the attack on the free world; Iraq was a scapegoat for a president who knew he was losing support because he could not catch the Big Fish that is Osama.

Bush’s advisers or if you choose to believe, his “secret shadow government, mishandled the events after 9/11. All their decisions and pronouncements have led to a world wide breakdown in the diplomatic relations of the United States with all other nations. Even our “special friendship” with Great Britain has been called into question by the Brits themselves. The world supported the US openly after 9/11. The world united and gave us goodwill, support, and cooperation. Unfortunately, Bush squandered all of the heartfelt support the nations of the world gave us.

We were presented with documents telling us that Afghanistan was to blame for the attacks and we should go after them. As a nation, we wholeheartedly supported the move. We were angry and had revenge in our hearts. The world said, “Go get ’em! ” and we did. But then somewhere in the White House, they decided to invade another nation based in trumped up charges. The friendship and goodwill entrusted to the US was wasted when Bush went to war in Iraq against the advice of the rest of the world.

All Bush has succeeded in accomplishing is changing the image of the United States from being a friendly and helpful nation to that of an invader country who doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks. He has seriously damaged our international relations with the way his people handle our treaties with other nations. Bush’s greatest accomplishments can also be considered his greatest failures. None of his failures were beyond his control as president of the United States. Bush chose not to act nor intervene. He let other people do his job for him. This is what his presidency will be most remembered for.

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