BUS 237 – Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique

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BUS 237– Assignment 1: MIS Short Article Critique

Due Date/Time: Inspect Canvas Assignments for the due date/time for your section! Objective and Background:
Many of the principles you will be finding out throughout this course are best comprehended in addition to more intriguing if you understand current and emerging MIS-related news in academic journals, papers, and publications. This project will enable you to share a short article of your option from a trusted source and critique it. Secret principles include: New and existing innovation; management info systems; innovation; composing business reviews; evaluating media news; and organisation communication skills.

Discover a current short article (within 6 weeks of this task’s deadline) from either:.

The Economic expert.
Harvard Company Evaluation.
Bloomberg Business Week.
The World and Mail.
The Financial Times.
New York City Times.

Your option of article might be usually based on a technological development or application of technology (effective or otherwise), or more particularly related to among the topics we have actually discussed or will go over in class (see course overview).

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You must guarantee that you reference your short article correctly using APA referencing style, as well as to reference any other sources you use. You should provide an electronic copy of your chosen post (PDF format needed) with your submission.

You are needed to prepare a maximum two-page summary report of this article in Microsoft Word, consisting of a review and/or appraisal of the article’s material; and clearly explain how it relates to a minimum of one of the concepts from BUS 237 lectures or book chapters.

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A note about your report: You must devote no greater than one page to sum up the post with the rest booked for critiquing the short article. You will be critiquing the content of the post. Do not critique the composing design or grammar utilized in the article. Focus your review on the opinions and truths provided in the post. You ought to provide your viewpoints supported by external sources such as academic publications or news stories with your review.

Examples of such critique include agreeing/disagreeing with the major takeaways of the article or extending the main points of the article with external research or personal observations. It is acceptable to write the critique using the first-person view. Review carefully and edit your write-up for grammatical and spelling mistakes missed by MS Word’s auto-correct feature.

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BUS 237 – Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique

Submission Instructions:
This assignment is to be submitted online, using the Canvas Assignments tool. Attach your completed assignment and required supporting file(s).

You will submit a 3 page document including a cover page + 2 page report in MS Word. The document should be written in a business/professional format, well organized and easy to read. Deductions will apply for poor formatting, spelling/grammatical mistakes, and poor organization of ideas. Specifically, you are expected to use MS Word styles, citation/reference manager, and
cover page features. Refer to Lab Unit 2 notes for detail.

Format Requirements:
Please use the following fonts only: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma or Calibri. Do NOT use font size smaller than 11 pts. All page margins should be at least 2.5 cm (i.e., 1 inch or 72 pts). Double-space paragraph formatting is required. Only MS Word file format is accepted for the report – all other formats (e.g., PDF or MS Works) will NOT be accepted.

This is very important to avoid display inconsistencies leading to unnecessary grading penalties. The cover page (this page does not count toward your report page limit) should clearly display the following information: your name, student number, TA’s name, and course/tutorial section number.

Submit via Canvas Assignments tool the following two files:
1) MS Word Report consisting of your cover page + 2 pages of report content (3 pages in total) 2) PDF Copy of Article you selected for this assignment (your assignment cannot be graded without article!)

Marking Criteria:
Assignments are core components of BUS 237.

See the assignment grading key on the last page for the evaluation criteria used to grade this assignment.

Plagiarism: Students are expected to work independently on this assignment; therefore, a maximum grade of zero (0) will be given to students whose submissions suggest that they collaborated with others on their assignments. This applies to the original author of the work, as well as to those whose submissions resemble it!

Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of -10 for 1 day, -50 for 2 days, -90 for 3 days!

Missing assignments will result in an N (not complete) grade for this course!!! This automatically becomes a Failed (F) at the end of the semester, if the requirements (i.e., submitting the assignment) are not satisfied.

Contact your TA immediately if you are having any problems with the Canvas submission process!

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BUS 237 – Assignment 1: Grading Key

Exceeds Expectations
Article directly related to ideas in course, and from reputable source

Meets Expectations
Article indirectly related to ideas in course, and from reputable source

Approaches Expectations (10)

Article indirectly related to ideas in course, and not from reputable source

Fails Expectations
Article does not relate to ideas in course, and/or is not from reputable source


Organization appropriate, appropriate length, good presentation

Organization ok, reasonable length, reasonable presentation

Several problems with organization, length, or presentation

Inappropriate organization, length or presentation

Content & Tone

Presents critique and appraisal of key ideas; Appropriate tone established and maintained throughout report in a business professional style

Some problems with presentation of critique and appraisal of key ideas;
Appropriate tone established but not maintained consistently

Poor effort to critique and appraise key ideas;
Appropriate tone neither established nor maintained consistently

No effort to critique and appraise key ideas; Inappropriate tone used

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BUS 237 – Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique

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