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Bursa Kuala Lumpur

In our coursework group assignment, our group had chosen the Apollo Food Holdings Berhad which is listed on the main board of the Bursa Kuala Lumpur. Apollo Food Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based company engaged in investment holding and provision of management services. Its own subsidiaries are Apollo Food Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, which is engaged in manufacturing and trading in many compound such as chocolates, chocolate confectionery products and cakes. The company is manufacturing and selling its products in Malaysia and other countries.

Besides, our group had done a good researching on the inventories process, valuation and understanding about the Apollo Food Holdings Berhad based on the company annual report 2010 and 2011. Lastly, we had learned the ways to obtain and analyse the annual report of a company. 1. Types of inventories of Apollo Food Holding Berhad There have many products in Apollo Food Holdings Berhad , like chocolate wafer , layer cake , chocolate layer cake , swiss roll , biscuits and so on. We choose chocolate layer cake as our main product that we want to introduce. 1. 1. Raw materials

Sugar , wheat flour , eggs , vegetable fat (palm oil) , vegetable oil (palm oil) , refined glycerine , corn starch , cocoa powder , glucose syrup, emulsifier (distilled monoglyceride E471 , polyglycerol ester E475) , sorbitol , salt , artificial flavor (chocolate , vanillin) , citric acid , sodium bicarbonate , potassium sorbate , calcium propionate , baking powder. 8 2. Process of manufacturing chocolate layer cake Firstly, heating oven to 350 degree F (gas mark four or 180 degree C). Secondly, prepare small cake tins with non-stick paper and grease the tins.

Stir softened butter with sugar and add one egg once time ,mix it well between it. Then , add in flour, cocoa powder, vegetable fat , vegetable oil , refined glycerine , corn starch , cocoa powder , glucose syrup, emulsifier , sorbitol , salt , artificial flavor (chocolate) , citric acid , sodium bicarbonate , potassium sorbate , calcium propionate and baking powder. After that , add half of a cup boiling water and mix it well. Next, transfer into 2 separate cake tins and bake at 350 degrees between 30-45 minutes and please avoid do not over bake. Lastly , cooling down and packing up the chocolate layer cake.

9 3. Valuation of Inventories used by Apollo Food Holdings Berhad From the company annual report 2010 and 2011 of the Apollo Food Holdings Berhad, we knew that the Apollo Food Holdings Berhad is using FIFO method to count the inventories. The inventories are measured at a lower cost and net realisable value. The determination of the value at which inventories are carried in the financial statements until the revenues are recognized and deals with the determination of such value, including the ascertainment of cost of inventories and also any write-down regarding to net realisable value.

We can determine the net realisable value with using the expected selling price as known as market value to minus any cost that expected to be incurred in order to get the inventories which are ready to sale. 4. Amount of closing inventories in Apollo Food Holding Berhad Closing inventories of Apollo Food Holding Berhad in year 2009 is RM12, 208,778 while in year 2010 ,closing inventories of Apollo Food Holding Berhad is RM14,569,823. Amount of closing inventories in year 2010 had increase RM2,361,045 compare with amount of closing inventories in year 2009 10 5. Definition

a) First- in , first-out ( FIFO) – the oldest goods in inventories will consumption first , so that , closing inventories will be always the latest purchases. b) Weighted average cost ( WAC )- total of unit cost inventories , total of inventories that now available and the cost of buying new inventories ,divide by total units of inventories after the new purchases. c) Inventories- goods and materials that business hold for final purpose for resale. d) Lower cost method- divide into cost and net realizable value (NRV) . e) Net realizable value- selling price mines expenses of the inventories for sale.

Conclusion We had taken some annual report and financial document of Apollo Food Holding Bhd as sample. Our group had also perform a research from internet. When we differentiate between cost and net realizable value, we had learnt that the inventories is current assets in the balance sheet at the end of the financial period from this assignment. Although we had different opinion while doing this assignment, we had a good discuss without any argument. Last but not least, we work together as a team in order to succeed our assignment. 11

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