First degree burns

We all have heard of burns, some have dealt with then or treated them. They are very common especially when cooking, lighting a candle, being next to a fire pit, etc. In many ways or occasions people tend to get burned. Even though we know not to play with fire, yet fire is a very big involvement in out our day to day lives, hence the cooking. Many years we have had people come in to be treated for burns, of course our treatments throughout the many years have improved because of our high quality advance systems.

There are three types of burns, most common one, being the first-degree burn. It being the mildest one of all three. First degree burns only injure the top layer of skin usually caused by a sunburn or brief contact with dry or moist heat. Commonly leaving redness and sensitivity to touch. Now, the second-degree burns are very similar, only difference is that the burns are slightly deeper damaging the epidermis and part of the dermis.

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Usually caused by contact with hot flames or hot liquids. Moving onto third degree burns, it destroys the epidermis and the dermis with some of the underlying connective tissue. Leaving the skin waxy and insensitive to touch. Third degree burns are caused by boiling water, chemicals, or catching on fire.

Like all treatments, they have evolved. Regular treatments would be pain medications, ointments and creams, and supplements. The most common treatment is skin grafting, known as a surgical procedure where skin from one area of the body is removed and added to the area that was damaged.

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A couple odd treatments are fish skin. Now you may be wondering as to how fish skin can help in any way. Fish skin has many vitamins that help the burnt skin to rejuvenate. Another odd one would have to be putting the patient in a high protein diet and keeping them in a warm humid area.

It is very important to know about burns because when treating them you have the knowledge to do it right. Now I am not saying, go ahead and become a doctor about it, but I am saying that a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. You can differentiate the different types of burns leading you to know either to treat it yourself or seek medical attention. Having this information in the back of you head can possibly save yours or someone else’s life.

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First degree burns

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