Burning Bright Essay

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Burning Bright

In `Fahrenheit 451 – Burning Bright (First Half): Bradbury’s style of writing is represented in poetic elements: he shows his subtle mastery of words with effective use of figures of speech and finds a space among words to convey emotional circumstances. His message though the story portrays in succinct terms the futility of man, the rat-race that marks his life and the challenges that mar his interaction with others, not different from. The part of the story that is used in this review begins with the betrayal of Mortag by Mildred: Mildred runs from vengeance and meets danger at the end.

Mortag feels regret fore her because o his love for her. Its main crux is the confrontation between Beatle and Mortag. As events unfold, Bettle becomes self aware and this contributes to his death: his self awareness paves the way for his demise at the hand of Mortag’s weapon, Fire. With this tool, Mortag enjoys burning houses and becomes convinced by Bettle that fire relieves his problems. Fire places Mongat under subjugation and also liberates him because he uses the power of fire. Montag realizes the errors in his actions.

He discovers he is like others by the way he thinks: he does what is different from what he feels. This dualism is present in every one. As he watches the scene of his life on the TV set with Faber, he realizes how he could have concluded his life. He is still concerned about fame, emotions and knowledge. The final image blinks hope ahead of Montag as sprinkles drop, in conquest of the power of fire. There are salient points of contact between this story and the real world where we live: first is the power of emotion especially love.

In this context, when one is offended by the one he loves, the reaction is usually different from the one whom the person does not love. On the other hand, if you dislike an person, you are likely to react worse to their errors, especially when they attempt to harm you. For your loved ones, you are surprised and find answers to your questions on why they acted the way they did. Then, you quickly find a lovely heart to forgive them. This also happened to Mortag because of his interaction with Mildred. Besides, escape is vague. Mildred attempts to escape but nemesis runs ahead.

In life, nemesis catches up with crime and criminal acts. It may take time but vengeance always occurs. It may even be subtle yet it happens. This is just compliant with the Law of conservation of energy in science: no energy is lost; it is only converted from one to another. In a similar way, harm is converted in repay to another form. The unprecedented evils that befall us may be a repercussion fore some others w have inflicted on others in the past, which in most cases we can not remember. Besides, such evils could have even been inflicted directly on ourselves.

It is not impossible, and there is a reaction to the action. The interesting simulation to life in this splendid work of art in words is the representation of the intrinsic duality in man. We decide to do things but we do something else. We love to change but we are stuck with our old way of life. It is a mystery science has found it difficult to break, philosophy only worsens and arts make this into a mere play. But the truth is that we are faced with the same challenge every day: that’s why our efficiency every day is less than perfect.

Why, I may ask? The answer is not elusive: we are simply mortals without power to control much. In our struggle, we may date and time. We may be convinced and become committed but in just a while the duality ensues asking for a change that may not be easy to accomplish. That’s why I am a man and you are. There is good news: change may be difficult but it is good. This is one of the many contradictions that characterize life. There is pain in gain but the end thereof sprinkles bright light. Reference: http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/451/section8. rhtml

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