Burette Essay Topics

The effect of Catalase

Simultaneously the Hydrogen peroxide will be added, the stopper placed on the boiling tube and then stop watch started.  We will then measure the amount of gas produced every 10 seconds, recording our results up to and including 200 seconds.  We will then change the temperature of the water bath to varying temperatures listed in… View Article

Acid- Base Titration Lab

1. When the end point is reached in an acid-base titration, the relationship between the concentrations of OH- and H3O+ are that they are equal. This doesn’t mean that the pH will be neutral, but the concentrations of both will be the same in a titration. 2. The pH of the end point is determined… View Article

NaOH Standardization and Titration of an Unknown Organic Acid

NaOH Standardization and Titration of an Unknown Organic Acid Overview: Methods for counting the number of molecules in a sample is a major emphasis of laboratory work. In this experiment we will use the method of titration to count the number of acid molecules in a solution. Measuring mass is a relatively easy procedure to… View Article

The analysis of aspirin

ANALYSIS OF ASPIRIN TABLETS The aim of this investigation is to determine the percentage by mass of aspirin aspirin present in different commercial preparations and to find out, which the best value is, using a neutralization reaction followed by a direct titration with NaOH. Chemicals Used: 100 ml of distilled water in a wash bottle… View Article