Bureaucratic Control Essay

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Bureaucratic Control

Lei has found a discrepancy in the time sheets of one of the sandwich shops. It appears that one of the supervisors allowed an employee to put time worked on the time sheet that wasn’t actually worked by the employee. As Lei looks over the employee handbook she finds a handful of problems along with the unsupported act of adding time to the time sheet that the employee hasn’t worked. It is obvious the employee handbook needs to be updated.

Lei can use the bureaucratic control and the four step process involved in that control system to fix this problem. The first step in this system is setting performance standards. A standard is the level of expected performance for a given goal. (Bateman, 2010). Lei needs to speak with the managers and supervisors and together come up with standards for the company. Once standards have been established, Lei should start on an updated employee handbook. She should be sure to update all rules, regulations, procedures, employee expectations and of course put the standards in the handbook.

Once the new updated handbook has been completed then steps two thru four can be put into place. Step two is measuring performance. By having the employee handbook updated and new copies given to all employees, it will be much easier to measure the performance of the employees and ensure they are on track with expectations and all job duties.

Step three involves comparing performance against the standards and determining deviations. It is important to make sure that standards that are set in place are working well for the company and the employees. It may be necessary to make a few adjustments to some of the standards or it may be necessary to remove a standard and replace it with another. Step four involves taking actions to correct problems and reinforce success. This would mean if employees were still not following the rules and expectations outlined in the updated handbook that corrective action needs to be taken. It would depend on the severity of the offense to determine the corrective action.

It could range from a verbal warning to a three day suspension. It is also important to reinforce success that the company is seeing with the updated employee handbook. This could incentive rewards or a lunch catered in from a nice restaurant for the employees. It will be important for supervisors and managers to make sure to implement the now clearly defined expectations in their shops and it will be important for Lei to remain updated to be sure everything within the company is running smoothly.

Bateman, S.T., Snell, A.S. (2010). Management. (2nd Ed). New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

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