Bungee Barbie Lab Report Essay

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Bungee Barbie Lab Report

Barbie Bungee Lab Repot

Barbie Doll
Rubber Bands

1. Tape a large piece of paper to the wall from the floor to a height of about six feet. 2. Draw a line near the top to indicate the height in which Barbie will make each jump. 3. Create a double-loop to wrap around Barbie’s feet. A double-loop is made by securing one rubber band to another with a slip knot. 4. Wrap the open end of the double-loop tightly around Barbie’s feet. 5. Attach a second rubber band to the first one, again using a slip knot. 6. With two rubber bands now attached, hold the end of the rubber bands at the jump line with one hand, and drop Barbie from the line with the other hand. Have a partner make a mark to the lowest point that Barbie reaches on this point. 7. Measure the jump distance in centimeters, and record the value in the data table in Question 1, You may wish to repeat several times and take average, to ensure accuracy, Accuracy is important-Barbie’s life depend on it !!! 8. Repeatedly attach two additional rubber bands for each new jump, measure the jump distance, and record the results in the data table. 9. When you’ve completed the data table answer Questions 2-12 to help collect information.

The task is to determine the ultimate length, or the number of rubber bands that can be used with the doll at any given height and not cause any type of injury but that allows Barbie to Come as close to the floor as possible.

If Barbie has 4 rubber bands than she would safety jump from the height of 49cm and still be safe and still be safe and close to the ground.

Experimental Data and Graphs:
Number of Rubber Bands(x)
Jump Distance in Centimeters(y)
In Conclusion we realized that the number we suggested in our hypothesis was correct but we also saw that it took several more attempts before Barbie actually reached death!!

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