Bullying: Unwanted Aggressive Behavior Involving a Real or Perceived Power Imbalance

April 16th 2009,11 year old Jaheem Herrera had had enough. He went to school and the other kids always called him gay. He didn’t know what it meant or why they taunted him but it it hurt. When he came home from school his parents found him hanging in his closet by his belt: a victim of bullying. September 12 2012 a young boy’s parents will never witness his smile again. Cade poulos was a happy 13 year old who fell victum to the cruelness of other kids.

He never said anything back or lashed out in violence. but held in his unfair treatment deep inside.

It was super hero day at school and dressed as the villain two face he shot himself in a crowded hallway right before first period bell rung. The stories are numerous and growing day by day. This problem that is endangering our kids in school needs to be addressed and dealt with. An estimated 1. 6 million children in grades six through 10 in the United States are bullied at least once a week according to the National education association.

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The first step in solving a problem is recognizing what the problem is. So what is bullying? Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

A power imbalance is kids who use their physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity to control other kids. In simple terms just a person who feels they can’t be retaliated against by a certain individual and just treats them like dirt to make themselves feel better.

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Power imbalances can change over time, in different situations and involve the same people. Maybe the child who was being bullied one day dug up some dirt on the bully tormenting him and decides hes going to be the bully and the other kid has to take ir or his embarrassing information will get out.

It doesn’t take much to get over on the fragile and emotional mind of children. Bullies have a lot of weapons at their disposel. They use verbal bullying like teaseing, name calling, sexual comments, taunting and threatening to cause harm. Theres also social or sometimes called relational bullying. This is when the bully will actually try to hurt someone’s relationships or reputation. That’s leaving them out of activities on purpose, telling other children not to be friends with them, spreading rumors about someone or trying to embarrass them in public. A lot of times bullying goes beyond words.

Bullies will get physical and hurt kids body and their things. They will find you alone and hit kick and punch. Sometimes tripping you in front of people or taking your things away. These are all ways bullies use to break their victims down. Bullying can happen anywhere and at anytime but the majoridy of incidence happen in common places. The school bus,internet, in or out of school, the playground and even your own neighborhood. So we went over what bullying is, the different types of bulliyng and where can it happen. Now lets talk a little about potential vicums.

Every kid can be at risk for being bullied sooner or later but its usually kids that are seen differently by their peers. Maybe their a little over weight or even underweight. Maybe they can’t offerd the cloths that the other kids consider cool. They can be weak and unable to defend themselves. Their depressed or anxious with low selfesteem. Their less popular than other kids and have few friends. These are just some things that can put you at risk for being bullied but doesn’t mean you will get bullied. I know for me after gathering all this information I asked myself Well how can we prevent it?

The first thing is to inform your kids what bullying is. If they can recognize bullying and know its not ok then theres a better chance they will report it. Let them know that you can stop bullying safely be alerting an adult and there is always help out there. Help them come up with strategies to mimize bullys having a chance to bully them by hanging out in groups or staying close to adults. Check in with your kids on a regular basis and know who their hanging out with. Always encourage you kids to do what they love to boost happiness and independence.

Adults play a huge role in intervening in these matters. When you see it its your job as an adult or educator to stop it. Separate the kids involoved and make sure everyone is safe. Make sure you react with proper behavior to be a good rolemodel. Kids need time to cool off just like everyone else so don’t make them make up on the spot. When asking other kids what happened, don’t do it in front of othe because they will feel like their tattleing. This speech was a chance to build awareness. To let adults and educators be aware of problems kids are faceing today and to help them get through it. . 6 million kids are being bullied everyday and we have to react. I have given you the tools to recognize the the problem and react. It is now up to us to put this information into work in the lives of the young kids we may come across. From my research I really didn’t come across why kids bully. I thought I might take a minute to talk about my experiences. When I was a child I was very overweight. I had feet that turned in and I wore glasses. Kids would make fun of me all the time and try to make me feel bad about myself. I remember this kid perfectly.

His name was piggy cuz we was a fat kid and ever bigger than me. Every one was scared of him because he had been in a lot of fights and was known for hurting people. He used to get his friends to come and beat me up. One time he actually punched me until I got down and kissed his shoe. My sister eventually came and beat him up for me but the damage had already been done. I felt hopeless and weak. I felt bad that my sister had to come save me and I dawned on all my imperfections. I wanted to feel the power for ounce so I became the bully. I used my size as a weapon and tormented other kids.

I became violent with anyone I thought offended me in anyway and was always getting kicked out of school. I had a very hard time manageing my anger and got to the point where I had to go through counseling. My point is bullying doesn’t always end with someone ending their life but starts a vicous cycle of the bullied becoming the bully. If you think about it the bully just wants you to feel as bad as they do and theres probly someone bigger than them bringing them down. +++ Eventually you kid tired of feeling hopeless and weak so what happened was I actually became the bully. The guy that was

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Bullying: Unwanted Aggressive Behavior Involving a Real or Perceived Power Imbalance

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