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Millennials within this generation suffer bullying from a day to day basis. Statistics show that around 160,000 kids per day skip school for fear of being bullied. This shows that not enough is being done to prevent such altercations.

Bullying varies in different forms, bullying can be any form of physical, verbal, or emotional harm taken place in person or through online media. People fail to realize how severely such altercations impact victims and what outcomes can come of them. Bullying can cause mental health issues to a victim and lead to hostile or suicidal actions.

These impacts are very serious and are not to be brushed of lightly by anyone a victim runs to for help. Recent research has shown that the issue is not that the current anti-bullying laws are not beneficial to victims, The laws are not enforced to their full potential.

The current anti-bullying laws state that “ an order can be issued by a court that protects a person against such things as stalking, harm to children, sexual assault, or harassment.

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“ Harassment is generally defined as a course of conduct within annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their own safety.

One in Four teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time, and over 67% of students believe school respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adults help is infrequent and ineffective. This supports that students are less likely to report a bullying situation to the school or go to an adult for help.

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Teachers and School districts fail to enforce the law due to the fear of the school ratings dropping or getting sued.

The School laws state that “ students who engage in certain acts associated with bullying may be suspended or expelled from a school or district, as well as face civil fines and criminal penalties, including jail time, depending on specific violations.” This rule not being followed by school districts contributes to the cause on why students don’t ask for help.

An unpopular law states that “ School districts may also face civil law penalties, in the form of hefty monetary fine, arising out of failure to prevent or punish certain types of behavior by students within their district.”. Over 4,400 death occur per year due to suicide cause by bullying in cases where the school system has failed to investigate a bullying situation that was reported.

An example to support the lack of help schools do for bullying is a story about a 12 year old girl in New jersey who took her life after months of bullying. Her death went under investigation and the girls parent took the Rockaway Township School district and administration to court, blaming them for the death of their daughter. They had a timeline of all the times they cried for the school to help resolve a bullying issue between a group of girls and the school did nothing. The bullies parents were also spoken to multiples times before the young girls death and they failed to take the situation seriously, they claimed their children were “ joking around”, yet it was much more serious than that. The school was asked weeks before the girls death to report a mandatory harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) Report, but the school never did. ( Samantha Schmidt )

Schools need more adults that care more about their students life than the schools overall rating.

School Administration ignores bullying situations with the assumption that it’s nothing serious but there are laws they are required to follow. Yet there are more than many suicides that occur due to the fact the school fails to listen to a students cry for help.. People need to start fighting for their justice, if the school fails to do what we now know is required, the situation should be brought to the court of law.

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