Bullying is a Big Concern in Society

In the twenty-first century, the act of bullying is not limited to the schoolyard and workplaces only as in the past. The easy access to the internet has broken all the limitations and boundaries of this act. Now, this practice has reached the personal bedroom of sufferers. Bullying has become a big issue today and it is destroying the lives of many children in the world. It is caused by various direct and indirect methods. The direct methods mean performing physical tasks directly to hurt and injure the person.

Indirect forms involve verbal abusing which causes no bodily harm but still hurts a person. Bullying is the aggressive etiquette shown by the bullies toward their peers in order to dominate them and gain power over them. It is highly affecting the societal and scholastic lives, especially of teenagers. So, it is essential to realize the effects and results of bullying, so that we can put our full efforts to stop this activity.

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In order to detect problems caused by bullying, firstly understand the ways in which it is practiced and what the results of this practice are.

Forms of Bullying

The bullies mainly used direct methods like beating, kicking, pushing and any other bodily tasks to hurt their target. They are mainly stronger, healthier, and powerful than their peers. So, they try to offend them and want to gain power over them by using physical actions. One another kind used by oppressors is literal abuse. The bullies used harsh expressions to torture victims.

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Also, the bullies gave some awkward names to their prey and call them with this name in order to seize over them. The lingual abuse is used by tyrants to insult and the feelings of a person. Harassing someone sexually is one another type in which mainly girls are targeted by boys or even girls. This type includes vulgar and harmful actions by which a person gets sexually targeted. Bullies pass the offensive comments about the outer appearance of the girl, about her allurement and body development. Also, in this form bully may harm their target by touching her wrongly. One another form is the abuse based on race and the culture to which person belongs. This type of bullying is increasing at a high pace in schools and colleges. Also, the bullies abuse and humiliate people who are termed as gay. The bullies torture them because of the physical appearance they have. This form is practiced at a very high rate in the colleges.


The latest form of bullying is cyberbullying and now it is commonly practiced. The oppressors take advantage of technology to embarrass, harm, and harass their target. They used to post embarrassing material, hurtful texts, and emails. Bullying as cyberbullying is hazardous as it has moved to home from the schools. Now, the tyrant can track their target easily and they become able to know where the person is going. It means the bullies are able to keep an eye on their targets easily. Also, online bullying is easy as the bullies can easily do the tasks which they found difficult to perform face-to-face, and also they can maintain their privacy. But it is great difficult for victims to identify the person who is harming them. Also, it is very hard for the victim to erase the vulgar information because there is a large audience online.

Effects of Bullying

The outcomes of bullying are too much serious. The people who have faced bullying remain unhappy and feel more depressed and face loneliness. The action of bullies resulted in low self-esteem in the victims. Moreover, the bullied people isolate them from the social world. They quit performing in the social activities and also they choose to live at homes. The phobia arises in their minds that they will again get bullied if they went to school. Too much isolation from the world even leads the victims to commit suicide. The other effect of bullying is poor performance in academics. The grades of the person will affect greatly because one cannot concentrate on studies if he/she is physically and mentally torture by someone.

Bully Victims

Bully people are often those who were been bullied by someone in the past. So, they also become bullies in order to regain power and control. They ruled the peers which are weaker than them. Their main motive behind these actions is just to realize the pain of being bullied by others. Moreover, the aggressive behavior can be the result of the family members. The bully may gain offensive behavior from the family in which he/she brought up. In such families, the family members may be the example of offensive behavior, such as wrong acts toward siblings and friends. And it is normal to adopt the habits of parents for children.

Steps for Stop Bullying at the School

The school administration can play a crucial role in stopping the bullying and making the place secure for students. Often, there are some private places in schools at which these types of activities take place. Teachers should detect these places and restrict or minimize the allowance of students there. Also, they can counsel students about bullying, so the victims and bystanders both got aware and share their problems with teachers. Under the right guidance and proper training, children can learn how to share their problems instead of being bullied by others. The special meeting of parents and teachers should be organized to aware the parents of the effects and results of bullying.

To conclude, bullying is an issue of big concern today as it is affecting children badly. There is a need to find some methods to stop this practice. The worse form of it is cyberbullying which is very difficult to eliminate but its results are harmful and dangerous. There should be anti-bullying laws in order to decrease the activities of bullying. These laws enable the school administration to take the action easily. Parents can also play a role in minimizing the bullying. They should have to monitor their children’s behavior and also they have to keep an eye on their children when they used the internet. So, today we need to establish laws in order to decrease the problem of bullying.

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Bullying is a Big Concern in Society

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