Bullying In Schools Essay

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Bullying In Schools

A huge problem seems to be taking over our schools these days. Bullying has become a major issue in our schools and should be a problem taken very seriously. Parents need to take action in putting a stop to their children harming others. Teachers also should be aware of what is going on in their schools and take immediate action before something terrible occurs.

Bullying is when someone intentionally brings harm to someone else. It comes in forms of physically harming another person or mentally harming them. Bullying is not based on one single incident but reoccurring incidents. It can be brought on by one single person or even a group of people targeting an individual . Bullying is usually an unfair fight where the person doing the bullying has an advantage over the one being bullied.

Teaching our children empathy at an early age is a vital piece to their lives. “Without empathy; we would have no cohesive society, no trust and no reason not to murder, cheat, steal or lie. At best we would only act out of self-interest; at worst, we would be a collection of sociopaths”(Szalavitz). This advice is so true because the way we teach and treat our children will ultimately be the way they treat others as they get older. Spending quality time and giving lots of positive attention to our children will help them grow and develop positive social skills.

It is very sad to sit and watch the news or read the paper and see that there are young people committing suicide over being bullied at school. These children should not see ending their life as a solution to any problem. Teachers and parents should be doing everything in their power to put a stop to bullying in schools. If a child is bringing that much harm to another child they should be expelled. Maybe then their parents will realize how serious the problem is and do something to help their child before it’s too late.

School is a place to learn and develop as people in society. Children should not have to feel threatened but feel safe in school. Teachers, school staff, and parents definitely need to be aware of everything that goes on with these children in order to teach them the right ways to deal with problems. After all they are going to be harder to control the older they get.

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