Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment

Types of Bullying and Harassment

There are roughly five types of bullying and harassment. The first is physical, including unprovoked beatings, shoves, kicks and slaps. The second is Verbal, which includes phone calls, verbal threats, rumors, insults and ridicules of other people’s looks. The third is Social, which includes hurting others’ self-esteem in public, destroying others’ reputation, deliberately excluding someone from participating in collective activities. The fourth is Cyber, which includes sending abusive rumors, dirty words and lies through e-mail and instant messaging, or spreading unfavorable comments on the Internet.

The fifth is about sex, including whistling to women in the street, deliberately touching other people’s sensitive position, and forcibly having sex with others.

Strategies to Avoid Bullying

1. Travel with friends after school or when you go out, reducing the chances of going out alone. Avoid potential dangerous areas and ensure personal safety. During or after school, if some unfamiliar classmates come to you to go out, try not to go.

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If anything is settled in the classroom, then go out.

2. Wear plain clothes and be competitive. Don’t wear too exposed clothes, don’t compete with your classmates, and save face for yourself and others.

3. Parental education should keep up. Parents should educate their children from an early age to avoid bullying and harassment. Don’t bully others. Be brave when you are bullied.

4. school education and supervision should be strengthened. Psychological counseling should be given to the victims and punishment should be given to the perpetrators.

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This practice must not be tolerated.

5. The strategy here is that nothing can be done when nothing happens. When you are persecuted, you must speak out bravely and never silently. We should promptly tell parents, teachers and friends around us, and then act together to take mobile measures to punish the perpetrators. We should fight against their arrogance.

Peer Reaction to Change

I advised my companions on dietary health, and I told my companions about my four-day diet plan. They all praised me for doing well. This is what they want to do but haven’t done yet. They took a positive attitude towards the proposal. So, with my help, I also made his diet plan. His diet plan is not as detailed as I am. It just says what to eat and what not to eat in a day. He can accept my suggestion that he also hopes to have a healthy life.

Explains the following

how the piece of media positively or negatively portrays mental health,

The contents of TV plays on TV media will greatly affect children’s mental health. If a child’s long-term television drama is about ghosts and gods, violence and inappropriate circumstances for children, then the child’s mental health will certainly be affected. Also, movies and songs often praise positive energy, so children’s hearts will be very healthy. So the media can affect children’s mental health positively and negatively. whether the piece of media helps removing stigma surrounding mental health.

Yes, the media is very helpful in eliminating the stigma of mental health.

How the piece of media could be improved to further help remove the stigma surrounding mental health.

The media can often play positive energy movies, TV plays and music to improve the mental health of victims. The media can also hold lectures, invite experts and teachers to explain how to prevent violations and how to deal with them after they have been violated. The media can also broadcast examples of bullying and harassment, and put forward the punishment of the perpetrators, which can be a good deterrent to potential perpetrators.


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Bullying and Harassment

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