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Bullying: America’s Worst School Issue Essay

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Did you know that a massive amount of students in America are being bullied? What is bullying? According to Webster’s New World Pocket Dictionary, bullying “is the act of threatening weaker people.” There are many different types of bullying that we will be discussing too. This subject has a huge impact on students that are against bullying. Bullying is the most important issue in schools, because it can cause insecurity, suicidal thoughts and public embarrassment. Bullying can cause insecurity. To be insecure means not to be confident or think less of his or her self.

This can cause an individual not to trust anyone, and feel as if they do not have any friends. The child has no choice, but to put up with it because they do not confide in anyone. Insecurity can affect his or her performance in school. According to huffingtonpost.com “The study shows that students who reported being bullied in the 10th grade saw a slight decrease in GPA by 12th grade — but the change is sharper for black and Latino students who tend to earn high grades.

While the overall decrease in GPA for bullied students over the studied period was 0.049 points (on a GPA scale with 0 being the lowest and 4 being the highest), black students saw a 0.3-point decrease in 12th grade GPA from a 3.5 GPA in 9th grade — before they were bullied.” Without a doubt, insecurity can lead to depression; which is like the torrent of tears. Bullying can cause suicidal thoughts. What are suicidal thoughts? They are thoughts about killing oneself. The person being bullied thinks it is the only way out; by murdering themselves. For example; according to japantoday.com, on December 10, 2012 in Japan, a 13-year-old girl was hit by a train in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture. She committed suicide as a result of bullying. Insecurity can also lead to the act of suicide.

Again another suicidal thought can be caused by the child not being heard by anyone to speak to about the bullying. As a result many students do this because of stress, pressure, and a result of helplessness. They are crying out for help and don’t know how else to get it. Bullying can cause a great amount of public embarrassment. Being embarrassed publicly is the worst way to ever be embarrassed. People you know or do not know will see, and laugh at you. Bullying includes public embarrassment, because the bully may bring a crowd or have a entourage with them. Since technology has rapidly advanced, the bullying may be videotaped and put on YouTube or Facebook. Many instances of Cyber Bullying come from these websites. According to huffingtonpost.com “15-year-old Amanda Todd committed suicide October 25, 2012, many blamed cyber bullying as the cause.”

Todd had posted a video to YouTube documenting instances of cyber bullying that included texts and Facebook posts; Todd also indicated she was bullied physically. Public embarrassment by a bully may leave you with injuries that will heal, but the memories last forever. Therefore, we need to stop this! Bullying is wrong and it affects a child’s future enormously. Although there are other problems students face in schools, like stealing or plagiarism, bullying can have the most severe and long-lasting effects for adolescents during the critical years.

We as students should not let anyone else feel inferior. The bullies should be sent to psychologists to discuss why they chose to display their anger in such a format. According to bullyingstatistics.org 1 in 4 students are being bullied in the United States on a regular basis. We need to end this America! If you see someone being bullied, report to higher authority. As reported by bullyingstatistics.org 35% of teens have been bullied online; let’s end it! As stated on bullyingstatistics.com 77% are verbally abused; let’s that! Bullying is very serious, and we need stop it to create a better future for the children.

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