Bulgaria Essay Topics

How can Bulgaria sustain its intellectual capital

The entrepreneurship success of a country can be borne through investment in intellectual capital but its sustainability depends mainly on political and economic factors. Bulgaria is one country with a lush intellectual capital featured through valuable capabilities of individuals and enterprises. Worth noting is that entrepreneurship is a tool for wealth creation that benefits both… View Article

Bulgaria Economy

Alongside the north coast of Black Sea, the Bulgarian state was first founded in 635 A. D with the Slav and Bulgar peoples. Between the year 893 and 927 the first Bulgarian Kingdom was established which is known as the “Golden Age” in the history of Bulgaria. In the early 20th century social and political… View Article

Discuss the causes of World War I

The most prominent factors which led to World War 1 were nationalism, militarism, imperialism, the Balkan and Morocco crises, and the alliance system. As luck would have it, these factors either started in response to, or because of each other. The alliance system was one of the last factors to emerge before the war. The… View Article