Building a Wall Along the Southern Border in Order to Prevent Illegal Immigration

The Wall a National Emergency or Crisis Management Authority?

Due to the need to have protection before countries and people considered different because of their socioeconomic status, or because they belong to a different group or historically formed identity, which includes race, it has begun to be a problem that as years go by the need for protection has been developed as an almost inevitable feeling for the citizens of the United States, given the great diversity of population groups that share the American territory which has caused innumerable violent and non-violent conflicts.

From there the need has grown to delimit the territory where the societies that share a consolidated identity settle, for which state limits or borders with fences are generally used as those that already exist. From then on, the need of President Donald Trump to build an impenetrable wall in order to combat this problematic situation has grown.

President Trump has declared this problematic situation as a national emergency, to prevent the clandestine passage of migrants, that is to say while he and supporters seek to avoid undocumented migration, drug trafficking and possible terrorist acts to his country through the border with Mexico.

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Trump justifies the wall arguing that with it (the wall), security will return to this country, since it will prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, terrorists who could attack his citizens and the illegal activities of drug cartels. It is a solution that will be used to face border conflicts and stop migratory flows. According to an article from the Council on Foreign Relation, “Trump has argued that a wall along the southern border, along with other security measures, will keep out criminals and halt the flow of illegal drugs” (Felter, and Laub).

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Which demonstrates what Trump’s main point in creating this wall is.

While opponents have different types of views and have created more whether if we should or not support Trump’s proposal, as on the other hand the wall can be found as unconstitutional because even though the president is trying to protect the country and its assets, he is also dealing with people that are migrants who have human rights as well as any other person, who also benefit the country and its economy in various aspects when they are living in this country a clear example is that these people are willing to do the work that is available that Americans do not want to do. In addition, it is believed that most Americans hold oppositions to this proposal because it will be inefficient and a waste of money which the country could use in more effective plans. There’s evidence to support this claim “Though support for the wall seems to have grown in the last year, recent polls have found that Americans, as a group, still oppose a barrier on the southern border—and by more than a 10-point margin”(Herrera). These statistics support the way that citizens want a solution but no a wall for this problematic situation.

The Only Solution to the Growing Humanitarian Crisis.

A problem has been created due to the fact that a negative side has been chosen in this controversy, which is adapted to the needs and benefits of the country without thinking about the morals of the people. In the first place, the act of protecting the wealth of state and population is presented, ‘The second internal factor that results in the construction of a wall or fence on a border is the presence of a country poorer on the other side’ (Jones). This statement presents that this proposal is already being considered as a factor that will help economic growth and development, since counting on a country on the other side of the border with a poor economy seems to only affect the good of our country and its economic stability, by meaning that the president and supporters look at the side in which if those people who come here fleeing from that will only be bringing the country to the same thing as those people fled.

The wall will protect the citizens of the United States from the presence of individuals who only come to affect the economy and stability of the country, in the ways that these people take the jobs of Americans and mostly high-value opportunities that should only be available for American citizens, such as government welfare and among other aid provided by the government, which also affect and contribute to the economy of the country.

There should be stopped the threat that these people bring to this country, and the way the United States might be threatened by them in order to make it easier for border patrol agents. According to Reece Jones in the article Why Build a Wall? ‘In the United States, concerns about the threat that immigrant values ​​pose as old as the country itself'(Jones). This makes reference to the fact that immigrants have been a threat to the country since citizens have become aware of them, and around the media image of migratory processes, the trend towards their problematization stands out, in a way that associates the immigrant population with social threats, economic, cultural, with deviation, crime, illegality, etc.

And to conclude, Illegal immigration should be put on an end, and any kind of illegal activity along the border as it is known that various illegal activities are spread and in different various ways, due to the flow of illegal immigration, terrorism, violence that spreads along the border, human trafficking and drug trafficking which all prove to be negative and yet also expose all these people to the wrong destination when they try to cross the country illegally, ‘A wall will make this harder and reinforce the natural trend, some people will not try to enter of those who do, fewer will make it. Tragedies-dying in the desert, being employed by ‘coyotes’-will decline ‘(Samuelson). Affirming as the author says, thousands of people lose their lives when trying to cross the border, and thousands of others come to harm the country, immigrants are toxic to the country’s stability that’s why with the help of the wall this could be reduced or ended.

An Ineffective Way of Combating Illegal Immigration

The strategies of the US government are quickly reached and circumvented due to the high exaggeration of the facts. The proposal that the president trump has decided to present evaluated from a more optimistic point of view is not the answer to all the conflicts that are perceived at the southern border of the country. The cost of Trump’s proposal is not worth it so much money that has been predetermined that it will cost only shows that it exceeds the amount that Trump himself can actually invest in replacing the U.S fence infrastructure (Newman). The trump proposal involves a lot of money, which could be used in and for better things, such as creating more effective anti-poverty programs, increasing the pay for workers with low educational levels, without adding that creating this wall would not end with all the illegal activities that are promoted along the border(Rodgers,Bailey). As writer Bier David states ‘Trump has insisted that his wall will not be fenced, but rather an’ impenetrable physical wall, ‘and would have claimed that it would cost between $ 10 and $ 12 billion without revealing his methodology’ thus creating the controversy of that money could be invested in better proposals and changes for the country, since Trump is so concerned about the country’s economic stability and development.

The next factor that is presented is one that clearly anyone can think of, and it is that there are other ways in which people can cross to the U.S illegally and that most immigrants are visa overstayers. And it is still a factor that is ignored when debating about the border wall, more illegal immigration stems from visa overstays by people who enter the country legally than by illegal border crossings. And this factor should be taken into account since it is really important to consider it because it is not where you Trump wants to build the wall but it would not solve the problem at all, ‘While almost 400,000 people were apprehended trying to cross the southern border illegally last year, more than 700,000 people who entered the US legally overstayed their expected departure date in 2018, according to the DHS ‘(Rodgers, Bailey). This explains that there will always be ways to enter the country and not necessarily illegally.

Immigrants do not affect the country, on the contrary, they contribute to the economic stability and development of the country, pay taxes, for government services and work to help stabilize the economic development of the country by promoting economic growth. Most of unauthorized are not Mexican almost a quarter are not even Hispanic, in addition, that a large number of them requests political asylum at the borders (Crudele). Contributing factors that the wall is not the correct solution to this problem and really need other means to end this problem are such as addressing asylum applications and improving security at ports of entry. By citing this evidence, Newman’s argument is supporting the claim stated above as she states“But today, despite Trump’s ‘bad hombres’ rhetoric, the majority of those approaching or attempting to cross the border are women and children seeking asylum. That often occurs at official points of entry anyway when it doesn’t, asylum seekers still generally intend”(Newman). Which represents that other different security measures would be necessary and should be considered because even with the construction of the wall it will not be possible to stop the situation of asylum and immigration and this will continue.

A Valueless Decision that Won’t Protect Us

Donald Trump seeks to build this wall, not for fear of the dangers that are experienced every day on the border, or the threats that these people are for the country but to prevent these people or to be exact, to prevent that Mexicans migrate to this territory in search of a better quality of life. Supporting the construction of the wall it will only increase the racial fears on which Trump’s proposal is based because he is always making comments that in a certain way are racist and only conceals his idealism with the proposal of the wall. The clear majority of Americans opposed to the wall. And behind the problem of illegal immigration, lies the factor that most illegal immigrants in this country are due to visa overstayers. In fact, citizens are willing to make changes in immigration policies, as stated: “Most Americans want to rationalize immigration, ensuring that the process occurs in a regulated, legal fashion and that people who come in can join the economy without hurting American workers” (Kull). This information demonstrates that citizens want other security measures and adapt these people who come to this country to also contribute to the economy.

As a matter of fact, not because walls and fences have worked elsewhere, it means that they will work for the United States, but improvements in the systems could benefit the country and it is what we really need. To provide more on this factor and what is behind this solution, the following is stated: ‘Physical barriers also do not eliminate criminal behavior they just relocate it. If we rely on the wall to stop individuals, and we don´t also improve detection methods through technology and response through personnel, then we will find routes across the border displaced rather than deterred ‘(Newman). Indeed, the methods that are used in other countries do not affirm that they work well for all countries and that they solve the main problems of this issue. With a technological change in the security systems around the border, many more changes could be made than with a wall, which would not benefit us at all, since a wall can not defend itself from illegal immigration or illegal acts that may occur along the border. Reaching the conclusion that what is necessary to combat this problematic situation is more advanced and improved security measures that will give positive effective results over time.

Equally important, the idea on which this whole proposal is based on Trump is also recognized which is that no matter what, his supporters will still support and promote Trump’s proposal hiding their racial based idealisms. In a special article by BBC News, the following statement is given by Julio Ricardo Varela and says ‘Trump’s border wall was never just about security, it’s meant to remind all Latinos that we’re unwelcome’ (Rodgers and Bailey). This has been causing a controversial thought that has been around since Trump made the proposal, as he tends to make racist based comments when he references the wall. Trump makes accusations and blames the whole group of people without giving them the reason to make themselves known and demonstrate how they really are. Because Trump is selfish and really has a certain hatred towards migrants and any kind of people of this descent.

In addition to the above, the spectrum has also been created that building a wall will not only protect us from immigrants taking our jobs, but to stop other illegal activities such as fighting drugs and crime, in order to protect Americans who are killed and are damaged for illegal immigrants, because of terrorism on certain occasions and in the form of protecting the country’s wealth. But at the same time there is no specific data that these people come to this country to steal Americans jobs, and a wall would not necessarily end these issues as there are other ways drugs can be transported from other places, terrorists and criminals will still find Ways to get into the country and a wall will not stop them. Clearly as stated in an article called Why Build a Wall? It states the following ‘He does not want those refugees to take over American people jobs’ (Jones). Referring to the same problem that is created when these people try to enter the country in a more legal way, being judged and without giving them an opportunity.

Conclusion: A Smart World-Class Solution

The construction of a wall along the southern border is most improbable to occur, different oppositions have started up and are in operation already, if it can be affirmed that a part of this wall has already been started, but at present it has been registered that it has chosen to renew the security measures and to promote new technologies that according to the time, could show results in the immigration reform and for the border agents (Newman). Because this situation is of greater importance since the more controversy is created, Trump despairs more in building the wall although already there are methods and alternative solutions that are proven to be more effective only because Trump desires it.

In order to protect the United States citizens, something smarter must be done, and find better solutions to end with this problem and this problematic situation that leads to the creation of the wall along the southern border with Mexico. The border wall that is proposed actually we have promoted as citizens and our governors with their decisions. For that one as a citizen and human being should first be informed about the current situation of the problem and give yourself the benefit of changing your way of thinking about this problem, and then present better and positive solutions.

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Building a Wall Along the Southern Border in Order to Prevent Illegal Immigration

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