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There are certain elements that are to be considered in studying and defining the budget, especially in the field of public administration. These elements include economic, political, and ideological concerns that affect the processes budget goes through. A fourth element that defines budget is societal concerns, which proves to be an important factor for the success of the budget. The budget is said to be economic such that it paints a picture where there is a supply and demand. The supply of funds available for the organization would likewise be met by a demand by its components.

The scarcity in funds, as is mostly the situation for finite resources, results to the competition of the different departments for their share in the budget. On the other hand, the political and ideological concerns would mostly be found in the budget process as reflected by the final appropriations. The debate that it has to go through in the respective legislative bodies entails a political and ideological working where each actor would pursue their interests. The last component is the concern for societal welfare.

A budget, no matter how big, if it is hounded by cold gigantic infrastructures is said to be a failure. It is important that behind every amount pursued for in the budget, there should be a corresponding impact on raising the quality of life of the people for whom it is intended for. The elements of the budget? economic, ideological, political, and societal? are important elements that play several important roles during the existence of the budget and will continue to serve their purpose to make an effective appropriation.

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