Buddha and Religion of Buddhism

The religion of Buddhism started in the fourth and fifth centuries by Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha Guatama, also knowns as Buddha, demonstrate all the huge beliefs of Buddhism. The whole religion of Buddhism is based on a belief on an assortment of rules, customs, practices and principles. Buddha translated translates to the awakened one. The intention of Buddha’s teachings was the pursuit to remove suffering, reaching nirvana, and staying away from the cycle of a bad life and then getting rebirthed.

Buddhism is prominent all across Asia and all across the world, with around 488 million followers. The main component in the belief in Buddhism is in their belief of Karma. Karma is commonly known as the (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Basically what its saying is that regardless of if it’s in this incarnation or the previous, the life decisions you decide to make now will come back to you when this incarnation expires.

In simpler terms, means that what you do now will reciprocate back, good or bad. The goal of a person whos Buddhist is to live their lives in order to reach the highest place in Heaven.

The concept of ethics in Buddhism is a idea of oneself. Meaning that one can not understand why people are the way they are if you have not found yourself and are completely satisfied with it. Buddha at a young age realized there are unfortunate events that unavoidable such as age, death and sickness.

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He went out to seek the meaning of pain and suffering so he decided to depart from his family very young. The very basis of Buddhism is based off The Five Precepts. These principles are not strict rules but ways of life to follow. The first one is 1.No causing harm or killing of other sentient beings. This is their major ethical belief. The rest of the precepts are second to this. This is to make sure everyone is non harmful to others and this is the reason Buddhists are vegetarian. Since animals are sentient beings who feel pain and are alive, they respect their lives and focus on a mainly plant based diet. The second precept is 2. Dont steal the non given. This may come off as mainly about stealing, which is true, but it also refers so in any way you could harm others. Stealing is a tactic used to take advantage of people and manipulate them. Buddha pushes forward the trait that one should give instead of take. Number 3 is to avoid sexual misconduct. Theres alot of interperations of this precept but essentially it refers to not causing harm to a relationship due to innapropiate sexual activity. This includes breaking promises, cheating and commitments in the areas of sex. One should also not encourage others to break this precept. The fourth precept is to 4. Avoid false speech. The way we talk and our speech is a major component in our relationships with other beings. This precept inst only about not lieing but also to talk to others with kind and a helpful tone. Buddha talks about how we can deveive others through speech without even knowing, and we should refer from this. The fifth precept is to Stay away from drink and drugs that can cloud the mind. You should be mindful and aware of everything present and Buddha says being sober and have a clear mind is a pathway to a developed mind. Drugs and Alcohol prevent this from happening.

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