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BOY SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES __________________________ Council APPLICATION FOR EAGLE SCOUT RANK (To be submitted to the Regional Office) Date: _____________________ The National Court of Honor Boy Scouts of the Philippines Manila Sir and Madam:

Please consider me as a candidate for the Eagle Scout Rank.

In addition to meeting the necessary requirements for the previous advancement badges (Tenderfoot, Second Class, Explorer, First Class, Pathfinder, Outdoorsman, and Venturer), I have now qualified for the minimum number of Merit Badges required for the Eagle Scout Rank. I state on My Honor that I have as a true Scout lived up to the Scout Oath and Law and promoted the Scout Spirit among the Scouts. I also have conscientiously did my best to develop my leadership ability while helping other boys to become better Scouts. I respectfully submit my registration and advancement records for your consideration, as follows: __________________________ Applicant’s Signature __________________________ Full Name in Print Age: _____________________ _________________________ Date of Birth

Registered as Boy/Senior Scout in Troop/Outfit No.

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_________, Sponsored by the ___________________________________________________ Position in the Unit: _______________ No. of Years as a Boy/Senior Scout ________________ No. of Years as a KAB Scout ________________ Became an Outdoorsman Badge holder on _______________________ Became an Venturer Badge holder on _______________________ (Date Certificate Issued) (Date Certificate Issued) Merit Badge Earned: (Corresponding approved application for these Merit Badges are attached)


SPECIFIC SUBJECT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.




Date _________________

As a result of our personal knowledge and observation, we the undersigned, hereby certify that the applicant has proved himself to be a true and worthy Scout by living up to the ideals of the Scouting Movement.

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______________________________________ Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature ______________________________________ Religious Adviser’s Signature ACTION OF COUNCIL COMMITTEE ON ADVANCEMENT We hereby certify that they applicant has furnished the Committee satisfactory and concrete evidence that: 1. He has maintained an active registered relationship to Scouting for more than _________ since he became a Venturer Badge holder; 2. He has made a satisfactory effort to develop and demonstrate leadership ability; and 3. He has satisfactorily put into practice the ideals and Principles of the Scouting Movement. The Committee on Advancement, therefore, recommends approval of this application. ______________________________________ Chairman, Committee on Advancement ACTION OF LOCAL COUNCIL OFFICE Respectfully endorsed to the Regional Office, BSP, with the recommendation that the Special Board of Review be held as follows: Date: ____________________ Time: ____________________ Place: _____________________________________ ______________________________________ Name and Signature of Council Scout Executive/OIC

_______________________________________ Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor’s Signature ______________________________________ Teacher’s/Employer’s Signature

______________________________________ Commissioner for Advancement and Activities

ACTION OF THE SPECIAL BOARD OF REVIEW This is to certify that the applicant appeared before the Board on _____________________________ (Date) located at
_____________________________________ and has satisfied the Board that he is qualified for the Eagle Scout Rank.

ACTION OF THE REGIONAL OFFICE Processed: _________________________________ Board constituted: ____________________________ RECOMMENDING APPROVAL ___________________________________________ Regional Scout Director ACTION OF NATIONAL OFFICE APPROVED: __________ (Date) _________________________________ Secretary General

____________________ Chairman ____________________ (Member) ____________________ (Member) ____________________ (Member) ____________________ (Member)

Certificate/Badge Issued: ___________________________ Medal Issued: __________ No. ______________________ Posted/Recorded: _________________________________

IMPORTANT: This form must be accomplished and submitted to the Regional Office, BSP, in quadruplicate. If approved, original copy is retained at the National Office, BSP, the duplicate copy is sent to the Regional Office, triplicate and quadruplicate copies sent to the Local Council Office and to the applicant Scout.

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Bsp Eagle Scout Application Form

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