Bshs305 R2 Ethical Scenario Essay

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Bshs305 R2 Ethical Scenario

Read the following scenario: Shannon is a juvenile probation officer with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Recently, she covered her coworker, Janet’s client load, while Janet was on vacation. Shannon met with several of Janet’s clients. After meeting with clients, she discovered a pattern in which the clients would report that they have not seen Janet in 2 to 3 months. However, the case files reflected face-to-face contact with all of her clients, despite what her clients stated.

When Shannon investigated further, she found that the client notes were all at the same day and time, which is unlikely. Further, several of Janet’s clients needed referrals for counseling, but Janet never completed them and has not followed up to ensure her clients are receiving the necessary services. Janet is a close friend of Shannon. Shannon does not want to get Janet in trouble but realizes something must be done. Answer, in a 75- to 100-word response, each of the following questions: 1. What are the ethical issues involved in the scenario? Human service professionals are obligated to provide high-quality service to their clients.

Most codes of ethics indicate that the helper’s first responsibility is to enhance and protect the client’s welfare. One of the ethical standard is the human service professional’s responsibility to clients. Standard 2: “Human service professionals’ respect the integrity and welfare of the client at all times. Each client is treated with respect, acceptance, and dignity”. Unfortunately in this scenario Janet failed to respect her clients’ welfare. She not only had issues of breaking several ethical codes she literally failed her moral responsibility.

2. What client rights are involved in the scenario? The client has a right to actively participate in their treatment plan. They are privy to view their personal chart which would show them the fabricated notes of the helper. The system failed this client and the client is able to request for a new helper. Although the client has a right to a professional disclosure statement as to see the qualifications of his helper, chances are this helper would not disclose their unethical behavior. 3. What, if any, client rights were violated?

I feel the clients rights were violated by the misguided treatment of the helper. The client was not treated with dignity, respect or integrity. They were violated in a as “helpers are ethically obligated to provide quality services”. Also the helping professional is committed to helping clients develop to the best of their abilities. The helper was not even servicing the client and in that aspect the client has been violated on several different levels of ethical codes. Ethical Decision Scenario BSHS/305 Version 2 2 4. How you would use the ethical decision-making model to address or resolve the situation?

First of I would identify the problem which are two issues, first one is the clients are not receiving necessary services. Second issue is Janet lied on legal documents. I would review the ethical guidelines and consult with a co-worker as to how I should proceed with the probable course of action. I would then select the course of action and follow through with my obligation to assure clients receive due services and I would make sure Janet does not make this mistake again. I would report Janet’s actions to my supervisor and hope Janet understands that I am just doing my job.

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