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BSc Information Technology Project Proposal

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Project, Pages 8 (1940 words)



Project, Pages 8 (1940 words)


Transportation is the action of moving someone or something or the process of locomotion (the act of movement or moving from one place to another).

Public transport (also known as public transportation, public transit, or mass transit) is the process by which passengers are transported by group, travel systems available for use by the general public, typically managed on a schedule, operated on established routes, and that charge a posted fee for each trip. (English Oxford Living Dictionaries. Oxford University Press.

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Then we have the ShareTheRide, is a ride-matching system for commuters to quickly and securely find a carpool to fill the free space of a single driver’s car.

Background to the study

Easy Transport it a platform that deals with transport, making (changing) private transportation into a public transportation (that is the main type of locomotion used by millions of people every day in the world) linking travellers of a same destination or direction.

With today problems facing by the society, mostly in Africa going to a different place is time and resources consuming , the aim of the application is to link travellers to share a ride by giving them the opportunity to comment (share information) when traveling and others can join by replying to show their interest .

A similar application called Blablacar founded in September 2006, serve in 23 country and 70 million members.This online marketplace for carpooling services didn’t expand in Africa where the need is highly wanted.

We decide to create an application that will ease locomotion in our different city at a lower price and for an impact on the ecology.

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Statement of the problem

The main problem is that travellers are losing certain amount of money compare to other country. The specific problems are:

  • a. Time consumption
  • b. Air Pollution
  • c. Traffics

Significance of the study

The project goal is to facilitate the locomotion of people around cities at a less price and benefit car owners to get travelling companion. Plus it will reduce air pollution when single drivers join one car to travel when going to the same location mostly to programs or parties.

It will also challenge me to use and add programming concepts that I learnt in school to build my first application, which I hope will be the first step of a wonderful developer career.

Objectives of the study

The main objective of the application that will be design is to solve the different challenges identified in the problem area. It help us to get rid of:

  • a. The time use to book and travel
  • b. The traffics in our cities
  • C. The effect of air pollution

Scope of the study

The goals of this project is to facilitate the locomotion of various travelers around the cities at a low cost in a secure manner and also avoiding traffic jam with less air pollution.

The objectives are as follows:

  • To reduce air pollution
  • Creating socialization between people
  • To minimize effort and time use to travel
  • Using a simple architecture to link people
  • A free membership
  • A secure platform
  • Reduce the stress of traveling

All this will be perform with a no-cost and within minimum time.

There will be a focus on how the application will be user friendly like:

  • Login
  • Comment
  • Contact
  • Accept
  • Join a ride

System Environment and Framework

The system will be built using android studio and java.

Organization of the study

These project as most of android application will be built with android studio that offer a multiple user interface capabilities.

The focus of this project is on how the app should be user friendly, whenever there is an access to data the background image will give an idea of what is to be done over there. The app will contain buttons, box to type in.

The study will be done according to the universal frame of android application that are used worldwide.


Michael Barnard Jun 22, 2017 www.forbes.com “What Will Car Ownership Look like In The Future?”

Metropia 07.25.2015 “5 Facts about Car-Sharing Programs”

2.0 Review of Related Literature

BlaBlaCar is an online marketplace for carpooling. It is a website and mobile apps which connect drivers and passengers willing to travel together between cities and share the cost of the journey.

The platform has 70 million users in 2019 and is available in 22 countries, almost all of which are in Europe – countries include: Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

The service is named for its rating scale for drivers’ preferred level of chattiness in the car: “Bla” for not very chatty, “BlaBla” for someone who likes to talk, and “BlaBlaBla” for those who can’t shut up.

Upon creating an account, members set up an online identity, and after each ride they share comments on their experiences with other members and develop a reputation.

The company does not own any vehicles; it is a broker which receives a 12% commission from every booking. Connections were free between users at first but it ended in 2011. It represented 20% of the cost. (Wikipedia 2 march 2019)

Review of all Literature related to the topic


The Car2go service provides access to more than 13,500 transport in 30 cities around the world, involving New York, Vancouver, Berlin, and Rome. Car2go is a one-way car exchange service that permits you to take away a car at the nearest location in the city and leave it at your destination. There is no necessity to make an order, returning the car to where you took it or to bother about expenses. Fuel/charging, insurance, and parking are introduced in the cost.

With the Car2go application, you are able to discover and get an access to the nearest affordable Car2go vehicle, and in addition:

  1. Preview all transport affordable for the usage in your city and around the world.
  2. Important information about the transport, involving the indicative address of the Car2go and the fuel gauge/charging status.
  3. Book a car 30 minutes before the journey.
  4. Automatic targeting of the nearest car of Car2go.
  5. Unblock the Car2go with your smartphone.
  6. Preview all Car2Go parking spots for each city.
  7. Preview rental history, involving the address of departure and destination and the cost of each journey.
  8. A radar function that sends notifications when an affordable Car2go car is nearby.


About Maven Car Sharing

The Maven brand is another product of General Motors’ transportation ingenuity and innovation and offers cutting-edge mobility solutions that aim to connect people across a number of different communities and cities around the world.

Think high-tech cars, unbridled mobility and the flexibility to change cars anytime you want. All of this and more is made possible through a membership to Maven.


Maven offers you an unlimited mobility across different cities and communities through an inventive new form of car sharing.

The handy app, which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store, enables you to reserve a car, unlock the particular model that you want and even start it.

Then, there’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both of these allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to your car so that you are able to easily access things like your music, maps, message and contacts – on-demand and on-the-go.

Maven also gives you access to 4G LTE WiFi that keeps you connected so that you will be able to receive emails, stream music, or access your apps without having to interrupt your journey. Like most users, you’ll appreciate the 24/7 availability of their helpful advisors.


92 percent of the time, private cars are idle but could bring profit to their owners. Getaround allows you to turn in or take off the car for a while from each other with the help of the service. You are going on vacation or just want to turn in your car and earn some money or you need a car for several hours, no problems.

Through the site or mobile application Getaround, a car at an affordable price can be found in your city, at the right time for you, from an hour to a week or more. Renting a car per hour, depending on the car brand and the owner’s greed, can cost $ 6 or $ 75 per hour. Strongly overestimate the prices of landlords do not make sense because there are many offers, the service is popular.

System Study and Analysis


Analysing the system is a process of gathering and interpreting facts, finding the problems, and breaking down a system into its components.

System analysis is made for the purpose of studying a system in order to elaborate its objectives. It is a problem-solving technique that improves the system and ensures that all the components of the system work efficiently to accomplish their purpose.


The problem facing is how to link travellers in a reliable and secure way that everybody need will be satisfied.

Then let break it in sub-element:

  • How to be part of the system
  • How to access the system
  • How to get information
  • How to spread information
  • How to monitor activities

At the end we are going to combine our solution in the sense that all aspect of the application are going to meet the required expectations.

Define the objectives

  • Join by signing up
  • Make an interface to Login
  • Opportunity to Comment
  • Possibility to Contact the administrator
  • Possibility to control the activities

Project gap

There is a multitude of application across the world mostly used to link drivers and clients in addition to new ride sharing apps that link travellers by bringing formation of communities.

But most of these apps are limited to some countries where in Africa where the need is highly demanded.

The needs that are to be considered are as follows:

  • An app with a simple structure with less internet consumption
  • Usable with the lowest android phone
  • Trustable by Africans
  • Free of charge
  • Usable by any kind of intellectual capability

System Design

System design is the process of defining and developing systems to satisfy specified requirements of the user.

It is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements.


  • Physical Design
  • Logical Design

System architecture

It is the conceptual model that defines the structure, behaviour, and more views of the system. It helps to give an overview of how the application is going to look like.

The application have a registration process where people sign up giving some details like their email account, Name, Address and also adding a password. When you are already a member then you just need to login by using the username with the password.

The main page will give an overview of the user profile, the menu button, Post button and comment. Whenever clicked will prompt to a new page, let explain each:

  • The profile content detail about the user
  • The menu will give possibility to get access to the button for events, setting and contact us
  • Post is used to add your own information about a trip
  • Comment is where we get a view of others users that send a comment

System Diagrams

DFD’s Sequence Diagrams, Use case, Activity Diagrams, ER Diagrams, Database Diagrams.

Modules Description

A “module” in project is the description of the various functional area, consisting of a group of processes describing the functionality of the module and a group of packages implementing the functionality.

The various component of this application are as follow:

  • Sign in
  • Sign up
  • Dashboard
  • Menu
  • Post
  • comments

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