Brown Essay Topics

A history of African American slaves

But as mentioned, may also argue for the more positive portrayal of John Brown in writings and media. They believe that negative portrayal of John Brown gives an unfair interpretation of his history. They argue that many of the writers who have put John Brown in a bad light let their writings be tainted with… View Article

Public life

Early Years When Brown and his family moved to New York, he learned that the pro-slavery forces in Kansas were confrontational. Brown left for Kansas after learning that the families of his adult sons were completely unprotected from any possible attack. He collected funds and weapons along the way and even held an anti-slavery convention… View Article

Young Goodman Brown

The theme of change and transformation preoccupies the minds of writers through the centuries. They use a change as a technique in order to illustrate transformations of the characters. Both, Raymond Carver and Alice Walker turn to the theme of change in their works but they do it in a different way. Two stories, “Young… View Article

Young Goodman Brown

Walter J. Paulits’ 1970 essay on Young Goodman Brown is an attempt on his part to discuss both ambivalence and temptation within the context of Hawthorne’s classic work. Paulits maintains that Hawthorn employs ambiguity to arrive at his theme of moral ambivalence in the work. He considers the theme of Goodman Brown to be ambivalence…. View Article