Bronze World of Work Essay

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Bronze World of Work

My three main strengths are working well as part as a team being a good team player, being organised and having the ability to plan ahead and having excellent research skills. I want to start my career in Fashion buying, marketing and advertising, therefore these skills will help me significantly in that career. An example of were I have had to work as part as a team was during a live project for Seen Magazine, we had to design and make a extreme garment from magazine pages in two days.

My role at the start was to try and come up with different ways of manipulating the paper into different shapes and forms that we could use as a starting point to make the dress. I decided that making various sizes of paper fans would work well in order to create a extreme dress. As a team we all starting making various fans, then we all worked together to esabele the dress. I provided good listen skills for anyone in the team and voiced my own opinions effectively. Each person in the team had a significant role, therefore are planning and organizational skills allowed us to finish the dress on time and win the competition.

I am experienced in using the adobe packages, such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Unfortunately I feel that my layout and typography skills could do with improving. This would then help me in the future if I went into a career in advertising. I have done some work experience with Kirsty Doyle, were I did allot of graphic design, which involved allot of layout ideas and typography. I designed allot of newsletters and magazine pages, use of typography, campaigns and general advertising. Each week I found myself getting better at layout and understanding typography more; Kirsty herself could see an improvement in my work.

Therefore I will carry on doing my work experience and then I will hopefully I will carry on getting better and better at what I feel is my weakness. I am a very friendly and people-oriented person and believe that everyone should be treated and respected the same in the work place. I feel that this is a significant value in work environment, I would not feel comfortable if people were being treated unfairly due to them either being different race or just because they was the new person in work.

It would affect my work and general happiness in the work environment if this was to happen. During my work experience with Kirsty I made sure that everyone was treated the same; for example when I new person joined our team I was often asked to show them what to do. So therefore I made sure I came across as friendly and welcoming as possible. A recent achievement of mine was when I raised money for Halton heaven charity. The gym I was attending was trying to get as many people to get involved to raise the money for a good cause. I had to run and cycle a million miles in 1 month.

I was able to do this quite easily because the event allowed me to do the miles in the gym. I was responsible for raising as much money as I could; getting people just to sponsor me was quite difficult. I first started of my asking family and friends then I started to ask people in the gym and people in university. Whatever money I raised was matched my Barclays bank; I managed to raise ? 100. Which doesn’t seem that much but every little helped and I felt like I had tried my hardest. This took allot of time and effort and organizational skills in order to collect the money in time.

During my work experience with Kirsty Doyle we often did photo shoot on different locations that could be quite stressful and need allot of organisation in order to get the shoot done. A particular difficult photo shoot we did was for the spring/ summer collection, which needed to be photographed in two different locations. Therefore we all had to work as part as a team in order to get the collection all photographed in that day. My responsibility was to meet the model in the morning from the train station then take her to Barbara Daley to get her hair and make up done all in time for 12 in time for the first locations.

It was hard because I had to rush the hair stylist and explain that it had to be done as fast as possible. The model and myself did arrive for 12 at the first shoot, which I was pleased about because it was a major rush and panic. The first shoot went well we all had different roles; mine was to get each garment ready for the model and to set up the photo shoot because we had all different props. I thought that we all worked well together and the shoot was a great success, due to our organizational skills and the ability to work well together.

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