Broadsheet Essay Topics

Business Markets and the Economy

P6 describe how business markets are regulated in the UK (Case Study) M3 explain why the government needs to regulate business markets P7 explain how EU requirements influence business markets in the UK D2 evaluate the effectiveness of the regulatory regime in a selected market The main purpose of this assignment is to: describe how… View Article

NY Times Paywall

However the long-term prospects of paywalls remained uncertain. The subscriber growth was slowing down, and many of the paid subscribers of The Times were enticed by the introductory offer of 99 cents for a 4-week subscription. A previous experiment with a paywall, TimesSelect, was abandoned in 2007 after The Times secured 227,000 paying customers. Was… View Article

A History of Journalism in the Philippines

Revolution, the press, which plays a potent role in the promotion of truth, justice, and democracy, and of peace, progress, and prosperity, was liberated from dictatorship. During this period, crony newspapers were closed and the National Press Club and the Philippine Press Institute were revived to professionalize mass media in the country. During this period,… View Article

Bangladesh newspaper

Bangla newspaper has a great importance from freedom war 1971 to present. Bangladeshi general peoples were being informed about the political, social and economical status and activities from Bangla newspaper during under Pakistani government. This is also major evidence of political activities in the past and present. The daily Prothom Alo and the daily Ittefaq… View Article