Britvic Case Study Essay

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Britvic Case Study

The marketing concept urges organizations to focus on the needs and wants of their customer. By following this concept the organization’s success can be achieved solely through customer satisfaction. In the case study we see that by identify the needs of the customer; a key characteristic in the marketing concept, Ralph Chapman acknowledged that the Great Depression in the UK meant that many of the poorest customers needed an affordable source of vitamin C. He found a way to bottle fruit juices so they stayed fresher for longer without the addition of preservatives, his juices were sold in small glass bottles that ensured easy transportation. This contributed to keeping the products cost effective. Customer satisfaction is another significant part of the marketing concept. Britvic has a constant flow of new product development; they plan on launching a new Tango variant called Tango Clear with no added sugar. They plan on marketing this to the older generation.

They have understood a knish in the older market to meet customer satisfaction by supplying a healthier alternative to their original product, which was more brand appealing to children and teenagers. We can identify that by using the marketing concept Britvic’s core goals are meeting the consumers needs and wants to achieve full customer satisfaction and to sustain their title as the second most successful soft drinks supplier in the UK. Customers are central, we can see this in the case study when we look at the considerable amount of products they supply too approximately 20,0000 outlets across the country including all leading supermarkets, local shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and cinemas. They are the leading drinks supplier to the licensed premises and have more soft drinks brands in their portfolio than any other UK manufacturer. This makes them so accessible to the consumer, and offers a large variety of different products to suit numerous markets

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