British Society During The Inter-war Years

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Then in the early 1920 s the infiltration of electricity provided many, many jobs this was what later was to be called "the electrification of the home" when most new homes were built with electrical power. This meant that the middle classes were able to afford radios, irons and other luxuries for their new homes. Women were able to use these labour saving goods for the first time, this increase in spending power also bolstered some of the newer developing industries such as car manufacturing.

Cars were small and cheap to run this increased the demand for leather and rubber and machine tools, a knock on effect was a new demand for car mechanics. Electricity and the introduction of exciting new products led to the first advertising on a large scale this was mainly aimed at middle class women to persuade them to purchase the new labour saving goods or furthermore to persuade their husbands to buy using hire purchase.

For the first time middle class families and later in 1930 s the working class had enough spare cash to take part in leisure activities such as trips to the cinema, this was a form of escapism from their bleak lives.

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The influence of these movies was manifested in fashion, language and smoking further encouraging people to part with their money. The films were always carefully monitored and were always full of optimism to heighten morale in the country.

In conclusion the British economy improved at a steady rate, the growth between 1924-1927 was 2.

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2 percent. I believe this was due to increased public spending power seen firstly in the middle classes and eventually the working class. House building and new industries such as plastic, nylon, polythene, aluminium and rubber provided much needed jobs. Rearmament did help British economy but not until later on around 1938.

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

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