British Airways Swot Analysis

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The growing competency in the airline company market is likewise subjected in the various financial uncertainties. Due to the high risks in the globalization, the confidence of the business leaders is decreased. This can be brought on by the different restrictions and challenges that create a terrific effect in the industry. The recession in most of the established and successful nations is challenging to assess and the recovering period is not in sight. British Airways stays in the top of the competitors and continually providing the standard services that a first-rate air passage can provide.

However, the influence or the impact of the different economic unpredictabilities develops a fantastic challenge in the organization.

From the different point of view on competition of the props, the marketing environment of the company is bound to alter which leads to an analysis of the organization’s financial aspects. The British Airways expects that due to the tope of the economic difficulties, the organization needs to stay competitive in the market.

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Therefore, different theoretical aspects are created in the research study to support the objective of the organization in fulfilling their dreams for success.

SWOT Analysis

British Airways is one of the largest service industries that well managed the operation with an interesting collaboration with the technological developments. The objective of the company is to increase the number of consumers through delivering the quality of service and satisfaction. Albeit bothered with the challenges in the nature of their organisation, the respiratory tract is still dedicated to serve in an extremely ideal way for security travel.

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The most basic strength of the British Airways (BA) that served the entire organization for years is to deliver an adequate solution for travelers in a most safety and satisfying way (Chan, 2000). Aside from the use of various marketing strategies on the world-wide web, the airline marketing and service are performed by most of the females. Prior to the equal labor for both genders, it is considered as the strength of the organization for most of the females are trained to speak in various dialects. It is an advantage for the airways to accommodate various races and at the same time, commit itself to deliver the equal rights in terms of labor (Whitelegg, 2002).


The world-wide marketing answer of the BA is entirely prioritizing most of the demands of the clients. But in their strategy in a low cost-ticket can be risky in a long run of the business. Offering the low prices for tickets may not appear harmful in the business but definitely, if the business has greater expenditure over the revenues, there will experience drastic losses (Binggeli and Pompeo, 2002). The creation of the low-cost carriers can weaken the services of some areas because the allotted budget will not satisfy the proposed use of service (Berry, Carnall, and Spiller, 2006).


The organization’s idea about “managing the people first” is a tremendous opportunity for their employees. The leaders can create a department wherein most of the people can concentrate on the various marketing strategies such as promotions to enhance the competitiveness of the organization in the industry (Gowler, Ledge, and Clegg, 1993). Another opportunity that the organization may find is their advantage in the use of the quality technologies. Through the innovative ways of the management, the organization can rely on their information systems wherein the strategic marketing and related works can be performed. Through the use of the Internet, the customers can experience the efficiency in online booking and can facilitate the continuous growth of the organization.


One major contribution of the BA threats is the increased competition among the airline industry. Through the different competitions, there is a vast option for the customers and most of them choose the best price and service that is fit on their budgets. Through the development of the different explorations, there is a view for the merger and acquisitions (Culpan, 2002). The alliance in the airlines is popular in which the strategies are bind together and the sole action of the organization is limited.


The British Airways should learn the appropriate on the presented analysis to avoid the drastic changes in their business’s performance. The strategy of the organization to deliver the right service on their customers is a great advantage because they are aiming for the customer’s satisfaction. But the organization should provide additional strategy to avoid the possible losses. With the appropriate collaboration of the marketing strategies, the BA can create more room of opportunities and strengths that can deliver the entire organization into a great success.


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