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British Airways Essay

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BA has been redefining the vision, and making sure it is successfully carried out throughout the organization, and hence led to corporate success. The mission is, of course, wider than being merely an airline with good customer relations and service.

British Airways are constantly working towards creating an inclusive culture that understands and respects the individual differences of our employees. In addition they seek to deliver a service which reflects and responds to the diverse range of customer needs. BA aim to drive and integrate diversity into all aspects of our service to ensure that we remain competitive.

As a company which operates globally, is need to attract and retain talented individuals to reflect the diversity of our customer base. Employing a mix of people from diverse backgrounds leads to potential new ideas and innovation.

Our strategy is driven through diversity champions representing departments across the airline and employee groups which meet regularly to discuss issues on religion, disability, flexible working, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

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British Airways Aim and Objective

British Airways aims to become the world’s first ‘global airline

The main aim and objective of British Airways is to take pride in providing a full service experience that is world class. The airline also strives to become the world’s trusted global airline and have a bigger portion of the market.

Objective: To increase security to combat terrorism Like all businesses one of their objectives were to maximise profits however after September 11th they had to change their aim to having an increase in security as this was the main issue globally and they needed to keep their customers safe after the horrific terrorism attacks in the U.S.A.

Specific – To increase security for the safety of passengers and staff Measurable – Hand luggage of passengers was reduced to a ‘plastic bag’, ‘stop and search’ was also put into place and metal detectors as well as a regular ‘anti-terrorism drills’ Achievable – More security staff will be in place and they have the finances to do so. Realistic – This objective is realistic as terrorism is a threat and they also have the finances to do so to ensure that all passengers and staff are fully protected. Time-bound – This was put into force straight away but over the years it has been relaxed as the treat of terrorism has fallen.

The Strategic Planning Of British Airways

The purpose of making this report is to provide British Airways (BA) with a strategic plan for future improvement. In the airline sector British Airways known to be the UK market leader, but for the last decade British Airways has been challenged by other competitors, resulting in wearing down in their market share. The report in detail analyzes the overall environment of British Airways. This report also describes the organizational structure and other important aspects of the organization. In this report through strategic assessment, recommendation has been given to British Airways to concentrate on their primary qualities like service delivery in order to re-establish their competitive advantage. There are two strategies which British Airways will have to implement, one is related with the HR development strategy and the other is to concentrate on technological improvement.

In the UK British Airways Plc (BA) is the biggest international scheduled airline. It flies to more than three hundreds destinations and carries more than thirty three million passengers. According to British Airways annual report 2008 approx £8.7 billion of revenue was earned and according to (Data monitor, 2008) total numbers of employees as of march 2008 stays at 42,377. Along with the passenger flights British Airways engaged in the operation of domestic and international carriage of mail and shipment. Regardless of the global economic downturn, British Airways’ future seems promising. According to latest yearly report (British Airways, 2008) which stated that British Airways’ objective is to become world’s most dependable airline.

Effects of Conflicts:

These problems and conflicts between management had a bad and harmful effect on the new company. British Airways has been considered as the most disreputable company because of its poor service. In addition, the organization’s operation has been pretentious and in 1980 the company had been regard to have the worst timekeeping record all over European carriers flying from UK and named as the airline to circumvent. This resulted in the extensive loss for the company.

Problems Due to Management Change

Like in any other organization whenever there is a change in the management; problems and issues arises, same case with British Airways during and after the management change, it faced different problems. At one side these changes were able to give British Airways the position it deserved in the market and on the other hands this management change was causing some problem. The problem wasn’t related with the employee performance or its achievement, this problem tends to be associated with the employee. The problems were recognized was the behaviour of a number of employees which causes internal problems to the operation of the company.

Response of the British Airways to Problems

British Airways was outstanding in 1999; in that year it faced so many problems and conflicts and used effective approaches to solve such issues. British Airways introduces e-commerce strategy to increase online sales. (BA) was also offering flat beds, laptop, and for business class passenger they offered email, phone and fax facility to provide full satisfaction to its on board customers. British Airways focuses on having good employee relationship and customer relationship, so it brought back its policy of putting “People First”. By doing this they had satisfied millions of customers and employees as well. This strategy of putting “People First” had made a great impact on the mind of their customers in a positive way.

Planning Techniques for Business

Planning is a critical business responsibility that is often overlooked, particularly by smaller companies with limited time and personnel resources. However, the reason for this oversight is often the result of management’s lack of planning techniques. Learning useful planning methods and factors eliminates this knowledge gap.

Primary Planning Types

Business planning types come in various flavors depending on the company size and industry. However, there are three basic plans that apply to all businesses, large or small. Business, strategic and marketing plans are important to every for-profit and nonprofit organization. Understanding the goals and components of each offers businesses the tools to create effective plans using the most basic or sophisticated techniques.

Strategic Plan

Strategic plans should be created by business owners and/or senior management only. Unlike business plans, which are based on historical data and future projections, strategic plans are more conceptual. These plans should include defining your organizational goals, identifying your available options to achieve your objectives and considering new short-term opportunities you believe will exist to improve your business’s results. You may want to incorporate specific industry trends into your planned strategy. Strategic plans are not long-term creations, but should address taking advantage of available opportunities in the next 12 to 24 months.

Marketing Plans

All the fabulous business and strategic plans ever devised will fail if you don’t market and sell your product or service. A solid marketing plan will help you achieve gross income and sales goals. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is an effective technique for creating a winning marketing plan. SWOT is also useful in strategic plan creation as a foundation technique. You can also combine a SWOT analysis with the four P’s–product, price, publicity, and place–of effective marketing. Even if you have invented the “better mousetrap”, you need a superior marketing plan to get results. These techniques will give you the ammunition you need.

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