Bringing the development of urban areas in harmony with

Bringing the development of urban areas in harmony with natural environment and over all systems of settlement is one of the basic issues to be achieving a sustainable urbanized world. The tools for achieving a physically more balanced development include not only considering in vestme11l an d economic policies, but also takin g the environment into consideration. In line with the present investment and economic development the environmental aspects of the town should be taken into consideration to bring sustainable urban development in the town.

Based on the above discussed findings, the following recommendations are forwarded.

? Bureau of Amhara Industry and Urban Development and the town administration together develop policies that will bring compact urban development (vertical growth of the town).

? To avoid unbalanced, unhealthy and unsustainable growth of human settlements, Debre Markos town’s municipality and town administration promote development that minimizes the present fast rate land use change of agricultural land and forest land. In addition to this the provision of development for residential purpose with medium density development should promote.

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Debre Markos town forest resources are declined due to prioritized developments i.e., residential, industrial and commercial activities. Such activities are very importa11l for town developments regarding to urban poverty reduction and solving housing problems in one way. But according to this research findings, focusing only on above mentioned developments were adversely affected the town forest resources. Therefore, with the realization of this problem, the concerned body particularly Debre Markos town municipality and city administration incorporate environmental issues in their different plans and give more attention to reforestation and conservation program in particular.

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The present excessive and leap frog development reduces wet grass, forest and farm lands, therefore vacant lands occupied which is not still shown any development and vast areas occupied by few governmental institutions need to redevelop by the municipality in collaboration with the town administration and Bureau of Amhara Industry and Urban Development.

? Land is limited resource, which has reached a stage of scarcity in certain areas today because of rapid urbanization. In the study area, however, rural urban migration has been in efficiently exploiting the land. Thus, in order to control th e problem, th e municipality and the city admin istration of Debre Markos townpractice proper policy that enacted regarding to the management of migrants and conversion of forest and wetland to urban use.

? Lack of institutional ca pacity and intergration at the muni cipality also the causes of urban expansion in th e town ,Threfore, Bureau of Amhara Industry and Urban Development and the city administration build the capacity of muni cipality by materi al and human resource.

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Bringing the development of urban areas in harmony with

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