Bring Mobile Phones to School Essay

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Bring Mobile Phones to School

It has been debated nationwide and even worldwide for and against students being allowed to bring mobile phones to school. Usually, a school consists of three parts namely, the Primary, Middle and Upper section. We live in the 21st century which is very much a digital age and nowadays, almost every student other than in primary section, has a mobile phone. In my opinion, mobile phones are good for children as long as they are educated in its appropriate usage and the privilege given without being abused. Here are some reasons and benefits as to why students should bring phones to school. In the past, children had less activities in and after school and parents often never knew where their children were until they came home. In today’s world, children are so involved in after school activities such as clubs and societies, sports, music and tuition as directed by parents. Parents need to coordinate with the children, coaches, teachers in charge and other parties within their busy day to day schedules.

Mobile phones allow parents to communicate with children at any time. Parents can check up on children and arrange transportation or relay important information if necessary. This supports organizing the daily schedule as we go along the day’s activities and increases the safety aspect. Mobile phones can also be an invaluable tool in emergency situations. For instance, if a student is severely injured or there is a crisis situation, cell phones can allow students to contact authorities for help. This can be especially important for students who do not travel to and from school with a parent, but in public transportation or school vans.

It also helps children to have communication and build up networks amongst groups of common interests. Facilities like SMS allow to reach and communicate with large groups instantly with a record for future references, which also will save time and money. This option is also an advantage for teachers to reach their students at large in an effective manner for common messages. Further, with the added options such as Dictionary, Thesaurus, Reminders, e-mails and camera, the mobile phone expands the knowledge base and the capacity of a child and his scope. These features are commonly available in all mobile phones.

Moreover, the student who carries a mobile phone has to protect it, be disciplined in it’s usage and also has to be knowledgeable in using it to his or her benefit. This improves the capacity of responsibility, self-discipline and knowledge sharing of the child which are very important attributes in a person’s life. In conclusion, I think students should be allowed to bring mobile phones to school under the parents’ guidance and the schools should be clear in communicating its rules and regulations in terms of usage of the phones within school hours.

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