Brindage Act 1902 Essay

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Brindage Act 1902

1.The Brindage Act 1902 that was implemented on November 12,1902, prohibits the Filipinos to form or join groups against the US government. The Act was created in order to pacify the Filipinos so that it would be easier for the American government to execute their plans for the country. This law states that whoever continues to revolt against the Americans will be considered as thieves. Even though Americans tried to stop the activists, there were still some Filipinos like Macario Sakay that remained fighting.

They were affected greatly by the law, because they cannot walk streets without getting themselves arrested. And although they had the rich people funding them from the beginning, it was stop, therefore it led to the lack of food and arms. The bandoleros continued fighting even though some of their fellow Katipuneros surrendered to the US. I consider them heroes and patriots even though it is said that the country is in a “peaceful situation”, because they were fighting for the independence they fought since the Spanish times.

2.The First Philippine Republic or the Malolos Republic was established along with the proclamation of the Malolos Constitution. This was said to be the end of the Spanish rule. First President Emilio Aguinaldo changed the revolutionary government to a dictatorial and later went back to the revolutionary government. Malolos Republic has its President, Cabinet Members and Ministers, but in my opinion, it is still premature.

The departments are messed up like the Department of Foreign Affairs, Navy and Commerce; Department of War and Public Works; Department of Police, Internal Order, Justice, Education and Hygiene; Department of Finance, Manufacturing Industry. It’s as if it was hastened just so they could form departments. I also believe that if this was a successful government, it would last longer, and the Americans could have let go of us to be an independent country.

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