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Brian Martin, in Striking a Needle into Science Essay

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Brian Martin, in Striking a Needle into Science stresses the role of partisanship, intervention made in the course of analyzing a case, its impact on the case study and how it affects the views and opinions of the readers. In particular, he made this point by presenting both sides of the controversy, without having to make the conclusion himself. Along this paper will be seen how he argues both for the rejection and acceptance of the theory proposed by Pascal and the supposed publication of the same.

Martin utilizes the theory of Pascal in illustrating this point. Pascal made a vast research on the origin of HIV (both HIV 1 and HIV 2) and on the basis of the same and of his knowledge stated that the virus originated from the cultivation of the polio vaccine, particularly cultured through monkeys’ kidneys. The mass vaccination among Africans is said to have started this all and its spread all throughout the countries was made possible through different modes of transfer.

The outcome of the said research however was not placed in publication; it was rejected by scientific societies for a reason. Scientific journals refused publication of any of Pascal’s researches and investigation for different reasons. It can be noted however that a few publicists entertained the thought of giving it a chance, considering that Pascal made a thorough investigation stressing his point clear, well supported by appropriate empirical evidence.

Martin had been able to collect information both for and against the publication of the same. The point of the analyst in presenting the case is to convey both sides of the controversy; the controversy being the appropriateness of the non-publication of Pascal’s theory by science advocates. In so doing, he gathered evidence and justifications which support the non-publication thereof, obtaining evidence by interviews, written documents and the like of those who support the proposition.

In the same way, he gathered pieces of evidence which support the view for the publication of the theory. This is an effective way of presenting a case study. It is to be noted that the analyst never emphasized his own opinion on the appropriateness of the non-publication or the publication of the same, instead, he presented with preciseness and absoluteness the ratiocination of the proponents of both sides, showing the least, if at all, any biases.

While the analyst presents the theory supporting the respective claims of the proponents of both sides, he has a different purpose in making the paper. In the course of the discussion, he emphasizes though the relevance, importance and significance of being a non partisan and without intervention in making the paper. In making the case study, he utilizes the modes of interviews, correspondence, gathering of written evidence and documents and particularly makes use of social connections to obtain the necessary information supporting both propositions.

In supporting his proposition on non-intervention and his being non-partisan, that is, by presenting both sides of the story, he stresses both the advantages and disadvantages of the controversy. Limiting or supporting one side of the controversy, let say, being a partisan in the course of the case study, Martin opined that this may lead to limited sources of information and thus the impossibility of obtaining a more learned opinion and unbiased statements.

Moreover, along the course of the investigation, Martin implicitly stated that in order to satisfy the purpose for which the case study is written, the same must be open to all avenues of discussing the controversies and allowing further studies on the matter when proper. Before proceeding to the next topic, it is important to note at this point of the discussion, the difference on what the analyst wants to convey to the reading public in general, and what his point is.

With respect to the public who reads or who will attempt to read his works, he has fulfilled the duty of presenting the controversy, that is, whether or not the theory of Pascal and everything that supports thereto, should be published. Both sides of the controversy are presented by resorting to the ratiocinations and justifications of the proponents of each side. On the other hand, by being the analyst, he presented a different mode of approaching the paper. Initially, he discusses the controversy that he wants to convey to the reading public.

Thereafter, he discusses the relevance of obtaining information by resorting to all possible means of doing the same. He indeed, has access to different sources of information and avails of all these in coming up with the case study. His point may not have been understood in the point of view of the readers considering that the readers may understand it as emphasizing and supporting the theory of Pascal, however, his point as the analyst here is the emphasis of non-partisanship in able to present a case study that answers both sides of the controversy.

Intertwined with the case study, Martin discusses the relevance and social implications of the controversy. Many science advocates have refused the publication on the theory of Pascal as to the origin of the HIV and how it spreads throughout the various countries in the world, on the other hand, a few of them have supported that indeed there is a need to effect the publication of the work. Among the relevance and social implications of is the medical awareness, health and security among peoples. True, and admittedly, there has been a call for the solution of HIV as a killer disease.

By allowing a publication of such kind, taking account further on the qualifications of Pascal and the extensive research he has made on the issue, it opens the possibility of allowing an in-depth and more thorough investigation of the sources, causes of the killer disease to save lives of the people and provide sufficient remedy that is within reach of those afflicted and a mode of prevention to the rest of the world. In addition, Martin’s move of collating all pieces of evidence to support both propositions opens the gate for further scrutiny on the matter at hand.

The dissemination of the existence of the theory of Pascal and the discussion made by Martin on it arouses the doubts and such other questions that my have relevance on the veracity of the issue. In this regard, science advocates are thus given the opportunity to refute such an extensive research made by Pascal. Consequently, more researches will be made, a more extensive one basing on more advanced technology and information towards the discovery and even the cure of HIV today.

By publication, a researcher or scientist at that is given the opportunity to inform the public of the outcomes and status of current events and their implications on society. In the same way, the discussion on the case study made by Martin had opened the gates of scrutiny of reason to come in allowing a closer look on the veracity and truthfulness of what has been discussed by Pascal in his theory. In the manner of presenting the case study, the author is reflexive in discussing point by point his argument.

He considers all possible points that may be argued by some who have opposing views on his discussion. In particularly, being aware that his attempt to explain to publish the theory of Pascal would receive both criticisms, appreciation and approval, by including it in the present case study, Martin presents the arguments of those who have rejected the idea of publication and likewise those who have approved the same. This is an attempt to counter in advance possible oppositions that advocates on the controversy may interpose.

From the discussion, it can be seen his awareness to defend all at the same time the theory of Pascal, which is not only because of his superb qualifications on the matter at hand but also on the basis of the extensive research and knowledge of the author on the issue; and likewise the arguments for or against the publication. This did not however effectively foreclose the possibility of further investigation and research considering that every controversy particularly where social relevance is high is involved.

In sum, the case study is both an attempt to publish what otherwise would not have allowed publication as in the case of the theory of Pascal; and at the same time an attempt to discuss the relevance of being able to obtain all information possible to stress the point. The case study is a combination of scientific investigation as a matter of substance and as a matter of procedure. Martin, as the analyst, stresses both points by ensuring a thorough discussion on the substantive aspect of the scientific proposition of Pascal and on the relevance of being able to gather information for or against the same.

From the case study, it is observed that Martin had attained these two goals at the same time by the presentation of conflicting arguments on a single issue stressing at the same time the social relevance of HIV not only in a number of places in Africa but all throughout the world. In the point of view of the readers, the case study has a scientific relevance, that is, the discovery of the origin of HIV and the subsequent cure of the same (although recently, medical science experts have offered a cure of it).

On the other hand, in the point of view of the analyst, the case study comes in two parts, that is, the presentation of the scientific relevance of the then medical controversy (which is currently already deemed curable) and the emphasis of being able to obtain all information possible to obtain such information. Being a non-partisan indeed allows access to both sides of a story, and as an analyst, Martin has just effectively done it!

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