Breaking Into Advertising and Staying Essay

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Breaking Into Advertising and Staying

In the life of an individual, it is seen that building a great and stable career in a line of work that he/she personally likes and loves to do is one of the foremost undertakings that is considered to be a difficult task. Thus, this requires a bountiful amount of effort and courage for a person to achieve a stable career and to be situated in a position that he or she prefers to be in.

Advertising Industry, on the other hand, as linked to the discussions about career, is considered to be one of the most stimulating and exciting line of businesses in which there are numerous number of aspirants who are hoping to penetrate the scene and be a part of it. Also, the advertising business is regarded as included in the most competitive and strongest industry that could ensure a bright future ahead for anyone who could make it to the top of the industry competition.

However, as far as the aspect of employment is concern, establishing a career in advertising industry is seen to be one of the most difficult and tricky task to do. Thus, this is where the book entitled “Pick Me: Breaking into Advertising and Staying There” is primarily intended for, which is to serve as a guide and as an essential reading in helping people to land a job and survive under the pressure of the industry that is once regarded to be included in the list of the most competitive ones.

The book is primarily written to provide a reading material to be able to guide the people, more especially those who aspire to establish a career in the advertising industry, to land in a job and handle the pressure which serves as the characteristic of the said business. The book is authored by two of the most reliable individuals in the field of advertising who have worked as creative directors and are closely creative partners namely Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin. The primary objective of the two is to render people definite information as to how could they acquire a position in a business world such as advertising.

As such, from the majority of the book, the information is essentially rendered to answer the questions of people or students with regard to having a stable job and establishing a career in the said industry. In addition to this, the book is also co-authored by a group of fourteen individuals, who are regarded as famous persons in the advertising industry, who have also provided and shared their own insights as well as personal experiences that have been instrumental for them to enter the careers they are in today and excel in it.

Nonetheless, through the background and capabilities of the people behind the ideas, it is seen that the book is effective in achieving and functioning to what it principally intend. The book is seen to be precise with its aims and goals. Being aware that the establishment of career in the advertising industry is a tricky task, the writers have stated and rendered their information in the most positive way that the readers could have a grasp of the messages they intended for.

Thus, the approach of the writers in rendering their thoughts is seen to be concise wherein the book incorporates the list of the typical questions and concerns by the person with regard to the topic and renders the appropriate answers accordingly. Likewise, a clear statement of the issue and topic which tells about the link between employment and the difficulties of establishing a career in advertising industry has been key factor that paves the way to definite results as well as conclusions for the book.

According to the writers, it is important for a person, more especially for those who aspires for a job in the said industry, to know exactly and render accordingly his or her goals as well as the things that he or she wants to achieve to be able to employ a clear pathway and focus in the progress of his or her career. Also, the writers have clearly stated the point that a formal educational background is significant, although not the sole essentials, in establishing a career and making it to the top of entire advertising industry.

Thus, talent, skills, passion and dedication are regarded as factors that are required to be able to establish a long-time career and succeed in the said industry. In addition to this, the thoughts of fear and self-antipathy should be conquered in order to establish a career, stay and succeed in the advertising business. Likewise, the fresh and new ideas are seen to be a vital ingredient of success in the advertising industry which could place a person in a stable and healthy ground for his or her career in the industry.

This could also improve and determine the reliability of one’s capabilities in the industry to come up with a brilliant notion that could help the clients and publicize a product more towards greater results. From a personal point of view, it can be said that the points and statements written above, as per the writers’ standpoint, are all essential and significant in a way that it renders clear notions for the people that have the dreams of making it in the advertising industry.

Thus, most of the points that have been depicted in the book are all supported and explained through the incorporation and a mixture of personal experiences industry as well as logical reasoning that is connected to the entire context of society. Likewise, knowing the fact where the writers are coming from employs more wisdom in the points that have been stated in the pages. Moreover, the idea of stating a clear focus and goal is indeed essential in establishing a career.

This renders a definite way and serves as a focal point as to where the progress of career is heading. The presence of formal education, on the other hand, is also seen as significant wherein it should serve as roots for knowledge or notions that should be further enhanced by the personal capabilities and talent. Also, talents, capabilities and dedication in the job is definitely instrumental in order to establish and stay in a line of career for a long period of time.

Nonetheless, saying that confidence is a must in landing to a job and staying in the advertising industry is absolutely significant. Thus, the existence of self-loathing should be conquered in order to employ a steady job environment and pave the way for continuous personal and career growth. Likewise, it can be said that the most important point in the book is the argument that focus and goal stipulated with passion and dedication are in fact an essential formula to establish a career and survived the challenges of being employed, more especially in the advertising industry.

In the end, with the above written facts and information about the book, it could be stated the information and thoughts depicted in the book are all factual as well as helpful fundamentals towards having a decent job or position and staying in the advertising industry. Thus, it is certain that the book and the writers are successful in achieving their goals as well as in serving their purpose that is seen to render a tangible reading guide for the people who aspire to land in a job and establish a career in the advertising industry.

Nonetheless, all the thoughts and information rendered in the book are useful and obliging for the readers as all of the points and statements are supported with relevant real world experiences and factual evidence that are tested to have produced positive results about the topic. Reference Vonk N. and Kestin J. (2005). Pick Me: Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There. United States: Wiley-IEEE.

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