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Breakfast at Tiffany(TM)s Essay

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a romantic comedy that was released in America in the year 1961. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was based on the novella by Truman capote. It introduces a young woman, played by Audrey Hepburn whose profession is a high class male’s escort, prostitute.

When studying the film in more depth, I queried how and why a “high class prostitute” film could be so popular. In my article I will address and find out how and why the film is still so popular today. The film is a total of 110 minutes in length which is consequently 20 minutes longer than an average romantic comedy of today.

The first scene is one of the main reasons why Breakfast at Tiffany’s is so popular today. When making a film the opening scene is extremely important and needs to include certain things for the film to be popular and well selling. The opening scene of any film should set the scene and introduce the audience to the surroundings and setting of the film.

When we see the character, protagonist, for the first time we are automatically drawn in by her as she is in the foreground and the only thing moving in the scene, our eyes are focused on her. The audience feels connected with her and has an opportunity to be a part of her life.

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The audience is then introduced to one of the main themes throughout the film of “Tiffany’s” Tiffany’s after this film became more popular and some members and shoppers of Tiffany’s say that consequently Tiffany’s was made by the link of the film and the well known jewellers.

As the scene progresses the camera follows her from the side as she walks. Then the camera changes to behind her with the use of an over the shoulder shot to increase the already gained intimacy. The fact that she is an ordinary woman on an average day and she has nothing special makes the audience almost feel they could be her.

Another reason why it is still so popular today is that it fits in with the romantic comedy criteria. Every girl or most girls love romantic comedies. The comedy can be identified in many of the scenes. For instance at the part scenes where lots of comedic techniques and ideas are used such as the cigarette burning a woman’s purple headdress and Holly checking the time on a man’s watch consequently pouring a drink on the woman’s headdress. Also the cat jumping on everybody as they walked through the door. The comedy is basic and not to detailed as to not over power the romantic aspect of the film and this is why the film is still so popular.

The soundtrack of the film is based around the song “Moon River” lyrics by Johnny Mercer, Music by Henry Mancini. The song is a total of 2 minutes 44 seconds and won an Oscar for the best original song. The music can be identified in many of the scenes, if carefully looked for. For instance in the party scene the song “Moon River” is played in the background but has been edited to create a more up-tempo version. The lyrics of “Moon River” are totally associated to the life of Holly Golightly. As the actress, Audrey Hepburn was no singer the song was very simple an only sung in one octave which almost makes the performance of the song more believable and the audience can relate to the lyrics more. The soundtrack can still be bought today from amazon and because it is still so widely available that helps the film stay so popular.

Due to the advertising of the film, the film was made more popular. The poster that was widely used was the image of Audrey Hepburn on a white background with a border of blue, red and yellow. The poster has many hidden meanings in the images and colours used, for example, the border colours used, when added together, make the background colour of white. The yellow also used could mean wealth and link to jewellery from Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn’s name is in capitals and black lettering as the film sold off her name.

The picture of the protagonist takes up half of the poster as people aspire to be like her. The title of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s is in a red colour to represent Romance. In the background a shot of the end scene is added to show the setting of the film and to reveal the ending. All these things together make the film still so popular by creating a picture and selection of images which stick in the audiences mind for years to come. This poster can also still be bought in shops and on the internet.

On Tuesday 5th December 2006 the Givenchy dress used in the 1961 film, was sold for 1.2 Million dollars which keeps Breakfast at Tiffany’s constantly in today’s society so the popularity of it is still withheld. Fashion of the 60’s is still popular today whether that is because of the film or not, people still dress in 60’s clothes and Audrey Hepburn is still kept as an admired icon.

The novella that was used to base the film around had a different ending to the film. The ending of the novella resulted in Holly travelling to Brazil and sending Paul a postcard, Holly never wrote to him again. The director made the choice to change the ending for a variety of reasons. The way the novella ended was on a cliff hanger with loose ends which wouldn’t make the film popular, so the director of Breakfast at Tiffany’s decided to make the ending in to a typical happy, clich�d ending that ties up all loose endings as more people prefer happy endings and they stay popular after time. The way the ending of the film now ends is that the audience can walk away from the film feeling happy and uplifted full of aspiration to be like her. Sinse the ending was changed i believe that it has helped the film to be influential to our culture and stay popular after 50 years due to the film still being a part of today’s present society.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still so popular today due to the hard work and important techniques used when making the film, the film was created to achieve all the necessary aspects of a romantic comedy which hasn’t changed in the last 50 years consequently making the film still a big hit today.

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