Brazil’s Communication Essay

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Brazil’s Communication

Every country has unique, distinctive ways in which they interrelate and communicate with each other within their country. A country’s means of communication can be verbalized through verbal, non-verbal, and interpersonal communication channels. In the country of Brazil most people are not Hispanic but Latino, although many immigrant communities are from Europe, Africa, and Japan. The official language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese; however, Spanish, English, and French are other languages that are also spoken in Brazil.

When greeting they expect a firm handshake with strong eye contact. When doing business in Brazil don’t be taken aback if they stand very close to you when speaking. Moving away may be interpreted as rejection. Brazil also uses many forms of non verbal communication. Much of this body language is comprised of culturally derived behaviors. When speaking to one another, it is not normal to take turns speaking. People will interrupt a conversation and will often speak at the same time as their peers.

Another verbal communication pattern that Brazil practices is using first names when addressing a person. Also, one’s tone of voice is often high pitched when conversing with one another. Although daily conversation is conducted in a louder voice, it is not meant to express anger or hostility to anybody. In addition, verbal communication in Brazil is viewed as being theatrical and overly animated by other countries who are more reserved. In Brazil, physical appearance and surroundings are important and provide visual cues as to one’s status and tone of conversations.

In many Latin countries, communication tends to be predominately oral rather than through written word. However, from the business aspect, when sending something in written format it is usually a good idea to follow up with a phone call or a visit in person. Over the last two decades, the telecom industry world over has grown and evolved at an incredible pace and has significantly changed the way people interact. Brazil Telecom offers long distance telecommunications services hrough some 8,034 million lines and 281,800 public telephones to customers in Brazil. Oi Telecom, formerly known as Telemar is the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, it was established in 2008 and has become the biggest company in Brazil on the Telecommunications sector. This company is present in 4600 cities in Brazil and it has influenced the price drop in the national level of the same services offered by competitors due to strength of its operations in the country.

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