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Brazil Culture Night Essay

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We have a lot of different cultural events going on, but at the International House there is always a culture event every two or three weeks. They usually dedicate a week to a specific culture. They show movies, do lectures, have coffee night and much more. They have different cultures every time. International House had culture events on different cultures like: China, Brazil, Japanese, French, Nepali, German, India, and many more. I have been to many of these culture events.

One event in particular that I had been to recently is Brazil culture night.

Brazil culture night was held on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. The doors opened at 6:00 but the actual event started at 6:30 and it lasted until 8:30. The event was held in the International House Great Room where all the events are usually held. I was very excited to go to this event because I know very little about Brazil but I have heard a lot and I was very excited to go and find out new things about Brazil.

I specially wanted to see the food and the music. And the language, Portuguese.

When I first walked in the lobby of International House it was packed! Everywhere there were lots of people. I saw different age group people from kids to late adults. This made me even more exciting, I love to see lots of people coming to event it just makes it even more fun. In the beginning as soon as you go in, you get your food and you find a place to sit. When I saw the food, my mouth got so watery. My Portuguese professor from last semester was serving us food, and she had told me that she made most of this food.

This surprised me because I never thought that she could make this great food. The food was amazing, I specifically loved the desert, I did not know what it was called but it was all chocolaty and it was shaped like a round ball. After every one got sattled in, which completely filled the Great Room there was no space for anyone to sit, some people were even standing. And then the program started around 9:30.

There were two presentations, one from the Brazilian people itself and another one was a students here who went there to do the study abroad program. Both of these presentations were very interesting, I learned a lot from them. It made me want to go to Brazil to do the study abroad program. The places they went to were just so beautiful. Later they had the band, “Café Basil” and they played amazing as well. I realized that I really enjoy Portuguese music I never thought that I would like this type of music but I really enjoyed it. Later they had the Jiu-Jitsu demonstration, which was really interesting. I wish I could something like that. And at the end there was some Samba dance demonstrations, which Joanna presented. I was just mind blown when I saw it! They taught people from audience and then some people just joined them. I really enjoyed the Samba dance. They also had a traditional dancing.

Overall I really enjoyed myself there. There was not a better way I would have wanted to spend my Wednesday night. I really enjoyed the food and loved the Samba dancing. I am really glad that they pass flyers around campus, post these events on International House website and also they use facebook to get a lot of people coming to these events. They always have a great out come. Sometimes they do not even have enough food left for the helpers. They have volunteers helping during these events. These volunteers are students and most of them are from the club, Asian American Association. I believe that these students do a great job, in weather it if preparing the food or preparing for the event.

One another positive thing about these events held at the International House is that, these events allow us to meet new people outside of what we normally see, who our normal friends are. I have made a lot of new friend from going to these events. I have friends from lots of different culture only because I go to these culture events and I see them there. These events also allows us to experience other culture but in our own comfort zone. I also like how the main focus of these events is that, it show people on campus the similarities and differences between cultures in an interesting fun way, which everyone enjoys.

I learned a lot from these events. Like I learned to do a little of Samba dancing and some interesting facts and also the food was amazing. I think they should just keep up the good work that they are doing. They should find a bigger room so that everyone could sit and enjoy but other then that it was wonderful. I loved it!

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