Bravery in the Face of Danger 

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The first Hunger game novel was published in 2008, Suzanne Collin’s dystopian, part politics, part war, and a dash of romance leaving an everlasting impact throughout the entirety of the novel on it’s readers, becoming international phenomenon. The novel’s protagonist features a well built, resourceful, and empowering female that has captivated as well, resonated with readers of all ages. Her character is an impactful one mainly due to the fact that at first glance Katniss is hard to like, but throughout the novels her persona and her qualities become much more admirable giving young women ever were a strong and brave character to think highly of when it comes to courageous women of literature.

In this dystopian future in which Suzanne Collin ever so beautifully thought out, American children are forced to slaughter one another on live television to please and bring entertainment to the power and rich. To see who is chosen the children must go to a reaping were their fate in deiced.

Their names are put into a bowl and then picked out, one girl and one boy aging anywhere from 12 to 18, each child is hoping “that the odds may be forever in their favor”. Unfortunately this year Katniss Everdeen’s younger sibling, Prime has been chosen in this year’s Hunger games. Katniss volunteers in name of her sister, she doesn’t fully understand the gravity of the situation she put herself in, but she knows that in order to survive the games one can not play nice, so she must become brutral to secure her survival.

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This moment is out first glance to Katniss’s bravery despite the odds of her winning the game being insignificant, her compassion, as well as the risk she willing to take in order to protect a love one.

As the novel goes on we she her compassion, her resourcefulness, and her bravery come to play time and time again. Her character is magnificent and truly complex. She is able to live a life of luxury and comfort, but decides to leave it behind, because she know that did down that those things will not be able to fill the void she finds within herself. As the novel goes on it is easy to say that the books are a love story, but they are much, much more than that. It’s a harrowing, sophisticated political thriller. Collins gives her heroine something completely new, she allows Katniss not to melt, because of love, but instead she allows her to melt to all the injustice see as seen and decides to risk it all in order to bring down the injustice system that has been keeping their own people oppressed for decades. Overall not only is one of the most badass female characters of the time, but she learns to shed her armour, understands that her emotions are not a weakness, but a strength, and learns that there is much more to love than entrails and an absence of hissing.

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