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"Brave New World" Dystopian Novel By Huxley

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Shortage of the brain. At 70% oxygen norm, dwarfs are obtained, below — eyeless freaks. But from the epsilon, the lowest caste, the human mind is not required.

Purposefully formed love for heat. The coolness is associated with discomfort in the form of hard X-rays. By the time of the breakup, the embryos are frightened of the cold. They are destined to settle in the tropics or become miners, spin acetate silk, melt steel. This is the lot of the lower castes. ‘All education of the body and brain is intended to instill in people the love of their inevitable social destiny.

6th floor. “Young nursery. Halls neopavlovskogo formation of reflexes. This is perhaps the most sophisticated cruel hall. Externally large, bright, sunny. Nannies arrange vases with lush roses in a long line, and open children’s books with pictures of animals, fish, and birds are placed between them. Eight-month-old babies are brought down to the floor. Everyone is amazingly alike, wearing khaki — the color of the Delta caste.

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At the sight of this bright splendor, the children with joyful squeal crept forward to this amazing beauty. Here are the first to reach for the petals, drop the books, run their fingers over the drawings. A few minutes later the Director raises his hand, the nanny turns on the switch. And now the hall is filled with a violent roar, clang, whistle, gnash. The kids cried. And then the worst thing began — an electric shock. “This entire section of the floor is now in shock,” the Director said calmly.

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The hands and feet of the little ones were twitching, desperate cries and insane cries were heard. Finally, the current was turned off, the roar and gnash fell silent. Again put flowers and books. The children cringed in horror, the roar intensified. “In the infant brain,” the Director concluded, “the books and flowers are already defaced. After two hundred repetitions, this link will become indissoluble. What man has united, nature is powerless to divide. They will grow up with aversion to nature, books, botany. We inculcate a dislike for nature to the masses, but at the same time we inculcate a love for country sports. ” Two hundred times these babies will go through this hell. It is terrible, unthinkable to imagine these brutal tortures of small, utterly helpless children.

Lessons of suggestion during sleep. In the bedroom there are 80 cots, even breathing of sleeping children, quiet muttering from under the pillows, the wires are pulled to the loudspeaker on the wall. There is a lesson. The first forty minutes are given to the beginnings of sex, then the basics of caste self-consciousness: alpha children walk in gray, their work is difficult, because they are terribly smart Betting is easier, better gammas and deltas gamuts are stupid, they walk in green, and deltas in khaki Epsilons are even worse, they can neither read nor write, walk in black.

All my life, one color of clothes, one job, the same daily routine. So 60 years. This is the life span. Along with the years no old age, wilting, wrinkles, weakness. Until the last day, a beautiful view, vigor, sports. But the time comes. Home-tower dies, crematorium.

To maintain the tone, good mood, so that no doubt or hesitation in 178 a drug was invented – “soma gram — and no drama”. At the end of the shift, everyone gets a portion of soma. But not all catfish is suppressed by internal discontent. Bernard Mann, one of the smartest in the hatchery of the Alpha Hatchery, is discontenting, he has a bad reputation — he doesn’t like golf, is unsociable, of small stature, puny, and these are signs of a lower caste. In the end, it is sent to Iceland.

It is the 632 year of the Ford Era. For many centuries, there is a world state of people grown in bottles on pieces of pork peritoneum. The system of caste division, education, suggestion, lifestyle and behavior has been thoroughly debugged. No dissent. ‘Lord Ford, how I hate them,’ Bernard constantly tormented himself.

No, the world of artificially bred people, standardization, brutal caste, monotony of existence, devoid of natural feelings — heartlessly calculating, ruthlessly cruel, inhuman. This is a scary world. But he inexorably approaches us.

Globalization, the long-established top caste of the Chief Executives, a secret group of specialists in the management of people’s minds, identified means of subsistence for a fixed period of life. The last thing left is to replace live births with those grown in bottles.

“Oh miracle … How many beautiful creatures I see. How beautiful is the human race … O brave new world where such people dwell … ”So says Miranda, the heroine of Shakespeare’s play.

The words of Shakespeare borrow Huxley for the name of his novel. But the “brave new world” of him will be terrible, because there will not be “the beautiful human kind” in it. After reading the terrible pages of the era of Ford, we will shout and shout: “Come back, old wondrous world, come back clean, good-natured, affable, intelligent, generous, talented human race — the most valuable wealth of our planet!”

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